Spanish language comics for a 7-year old English-speaking girl
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I would like to get my daughter some Spanish-language comics. Ideally this would be in the form of a subscription, with a new comic arriving monthly. I don't want Marvel-style action, or anime. Something more quirky or silly, maybe with animals or funny characters. It could be original-to-Spanish or something translated from English. Any suggestions?

Last summer we were traveling in the Czech Republic, and at one point stayed at a pension. My daughter found a big stack of Czeck comic books in the dining room and spent about two hours reading them. (Of course, she doesn't know any Czech, but that didn't slow her down.)

She does get a little bit of Spanish at school, and she picks it up quickly. I'm thinking that having monthly comic book arrive would be a good way to give her a little ongoing exposure.

I'd also be interested in books of cartoons. She loves Calvin & Hobbes, and Peanuts. I looked for those translated into Spanish but came up empty. Mafalda looks too political for her 7-year old mindset. I will probably get her a Elephant and Piggie book. That's a great level of vocabulary, and she'll be able to figure out a lot from the pictures (not to mention that she'll already know the story from the English version). But I'd like more than that.

Any suggestions?
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I don't know about monthly options, but many of the usual suspects among English-language graphic novels are also available in Spanish, e.g. Zita, la Viajera Espacial, Hilda Y El Trol, Hombre Perro, and so on. I see those three are available at Amazon in the US too--the easiest thing I've found is to do an advanced search on the author's name, limited to Spanish.
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If you can find any Condorito at a reasonable price it's cute and utterly authentic Chilean.
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I'd love to get the same for my Spanish-learning 7 year old but haven't found a good comic subscription. Asterix the Gaul is, of course, available in many languages.

The TOON line of graphic books also publishes Spanish versions of many of their books. They are uniformly well reviewed and likely to be easy to follow without much Spanish vocabulary.
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Megan McDonald's Judy Moody books. I think they are also available in English so make sure you're getting the Spanish editions, but they're fun, long enough to be a "book", but short enough that she'll be able to handle them.
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I think Mafalda is political, but in the same way that Calvin and Hobbes is. I think she’d be able to get the interpersonal relationships between the kids, and some deeper meaning, but wouldn’t be able to understand everything until she was older (which is exactly what happened to me with Calvin and Hobbes).

The suggestion above of Asterix is also fantastic. My five-year-old has read all of our Asterix books a hundred times, even though he can’t actually read yet.
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Liniers is a more gentle, even cuter Quino. He has a series called Macanudo and others which are also great.

Similar to Asterix: Tintin and specially Spirou albums are also good and available in Spanish.
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Thanks for these suggestions. I'm surprised there isn't a subscription service; that seems like a product that should exist. But these will be good to look at and share with her.
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