Cheapest place to buy women's construction/farm clothes in NYC?
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I'll be heading to work on a farm for a week or two, starting next week. I have a few things that would work, but am realizing it'll be fairly cold-ish, so I'll need more functional and warm stuff. I'm looking for a cheap brick & mortar store in NYC.

I really only need:

Muck boots (not wellies or rain boots - I'll be working with draft horses)
A pair of coveralls or bib overalls
Warm-but-not-fancy socks
A short-length coat I won't mind messing up. Would be great if it has a removable liner and could also be a...
Rain jacket

Carhartt is more than I'm ready to spend, unless it's an enormous measurable difference. (Remember I'll only need this stuff for a week or two.) And Manhattan Saddlery, while drool-worthy is way too equestrian-fancy for this job. Army-Navy Supply? Uniform store?

Would love to be pointed in any direction.

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Thrift store is your best bet for wool clothing. Pick up wool shirts, sweaters and long john type underwear. Layers are your friend.Spend money on a good pair of muck boots. Bogs are a good brand.
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If thrift stores and the Army-Navy store doesn't work, I'd get some jeans and long underwear at Uniqlo, maybe even some upper layers. Uniqlo jeans are what I wear to do gardening, painting and pottery. I get them *dirty* and they have held up well. (I'm a woman and find the "boyfriend" cut really comfortable for this kind of thing.)
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If you would prefer bricks & mortar to Amazon or other places where you can really select what you want, the big box stores have arrived in NYC. You could hit up Target or Costco (or even Home Depot). I have occasionally seen some pretty decent work wear at Costco. For warm stuff or higher-tech stuff you could hit up REI. Not very NYC-exclusive places, but all reliable locations now in NYC. Target & Costco are even located together at the E 117th St location in Manhattan.
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Dave’s New York is a good place to go for work clothing.
There’s a reason people get carhartts etc. What you’re trying to buy isn’t cheap. Cheap versions will fall apart or fail or be uncomfortable, or leak.

If you’re desperate, and we are vaguely similar sizes I might have some bibs that would fit you. Raincoat cheap: frog togs have served me well as long as I don’t use them for super heavy duty (hauling logs while felling trees puts holes in them fast).
Jacket: unless you’re somewhere really cold a hoodie plus a thermal lined hoodie could work and then you’ll be able to wear both later.

Don’t go cheap on boots.
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Warm-but-not-fancy socks

Darn Tough socks. Worth every penny. Store locator search looks like there are a few places in NYC that carry them especially an REI store in SoHo.


Duluth Trading Company is sort of a rising star in work wear - cheaper than Carhartt but still pretty durable. Unfortunately, looks like the physical store closest to NYC is in Ramsey, NJ.

My actual farmer friends get a lot of their work clothing from Tractor Supply Company, and I know they don't always have much to spend. Again, nothing in the city proper, the closest store is out in Stony Point, NY.

Both of these towns (according to GoogleMaps) are an hour or so from NYC, and they're both north & slightly west of the city, so if you've got a car or access to one you could probably make a day trip of it and hit both stores and be home in time for dinner.
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I worked in a warehouse last winter that only heated the place to 49 degrees and had open bay doors most of the day. It was so dirty my boogers were black. Here are my dress recommendations:

Boots: On Amazon, search for Skeechers work boots. You can get waterproof steel toed ankle high boots for $30 to $40 if you hit a sale. Sales happen often. I was on my feet all day and comfort was high. They got dirty daily. So dirty I would take them off outside. No way I would wear them inside. I would then carry them to the laundry sink and rinse them. I walked in mud and muck often.

Layers. I had some long sleeve under armor shirts that wick away moisture. I wore a long sleeve t-shirt over that then an old flannel shirt over both. I then had the most expensive item, a Carhartt heavy duty hoodie. It is rain resistant whatever that means. It was the only item I would spend about $55 on. I wear it all the time now on fall and winter weekends.

For below the waist, I wore a cheap pair of long John I got at I think a Hanes outlet store. Over them, I wore a pair of Dickies brand work pants I got at Model's Sporting good store. I am sure you could get most of what you want to wear at a Moddel's or similar sporting good store including overalls and a cheap jacket. Look in the hunting section.

If you have access to a car and are willing to travel, a Cabela's would have a lot of what you want at reasonable prices.

If it is only for a week or two, I agree with you to sacrifice quality for price.
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No steel-toed boots around horses!! Buy some bogs online or get some from Tractor Supply.

Overalls will be a pita. No one wears bibs unless its -20 and even then nowadays it's rare. Just wear old looser fitting jeans or khakis with tights or long johns underneath if you're cold. Mobility is the key to not hurting your back. Don't wear stiff or restrictive clothing.

No wool or fleece unless you enjoy being a human lint roller. Cheap ass sweats and hoodies with cheap ass long sleeve T or long underwear tops underneath. Hit up the Champion aisle in Target or Sierra Trading Post. Those and a puffy vest and a raincoat should do you unless said draft horses are located in Alberta. If they are get a cheap washable puffy jacket.

Beanie hat, sunglasses, gaiter for your neck and buy good gloves, you'll need them because you have soft hands. Buy two pairs, one thick warm pair and a thinner pair for dexterity. Get them at Tractor supply or the hardware store.

I spent 27 years working with horses, fyi. Farm work clothes get trashed and you warm up quick when you're working. No one in their right mind buys anything but cheap tough stuff to do farm work. Teaching or riding or driving sure: buy you a nice coat. But not the farm work part.
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Can you get to a Costco? They have cheap sweats and thermal liners, boots, socks and sherpa lined flannels button downs for $14. They even have hats and gloves. You can get a one day pass at the counter if you tell them that you are considering joining.

Alternatively, thrift shop or even someplace like K-Mart, Target or Century 21. Modell's had Champion sweatshirts for $15 the other day. You really just want good socks, decent thermal liners (Uniqlo has them if you can't get to Costco) and clothes that won't restrict you. Layers are key.
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