Teaching Certification in WA after lapse in MD
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Years ago, in 1990, I was certified to teach grades 5-12 Social Studies in Maryland. Moving, different jobs in different states I let my certification lapse. I would like to substitute teach, potentially next year, and it looks like they want certified teachers. What do I need to do?

Work Background: 90-92 I worked as a substitute teacher in MD. I worked from about 92 to 2004 doing drug and alcohol prevention, teaching classes to all ages, in MD and MT. 2004 to present I have been homeschooling my kids and volunteering at their ALE school in WA.

1. What do I need to do at this point? Do I need to go back to school and redo everything as it is so old? Links or direction on who to ask are appreciated.

2. Are there any short cut programs that I may be able to access or ways to update my certification without going back? I never really had certification for WA, to my knowledge, and it doesn't look like it is directly reciprocal. Ideas on who to contact?

3. Other information I should know? I really don't want to teach full time, but would like to substitute teach at a level above a para-educator, if possible.

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I would check this FAQ page to get started.
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The answer will depend on whether you completed a state-approved Teacher Education Program in Maryland in order to gain a certificate there.

Option A: If you did complete a program at any point, and have a BA, you are able to get a Substitute Certificate right now (after taking a test, doing fingerprints and paperwork). Just apply here:
Then you will just need to apply to the school district(s) you wish to work for as a substitute.

Option B: If you did not previously complete a Teacher Education Program or degree, but you have a BA, you can try to get a district to sponsor you for an Emergency Substitute Certificate. There is a substitute shortage in Washington State, so your chances are very good, particularly since you do have some teaching experience. You will need to contact the district you would like to work for directly and ask what their process is for assessing candidates for Emergency Substitute certificates. The district will have to request the certificate, which is why you go through them first.

I hope that helps!
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