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Seeking recommendations for deep, engaging iOS games that can be played in airplane mode.

I have a loooong plane flight coming up and I'm hoping to find some time-consuming games to play during the flight. I have an iPhone 6. Prefer RPGs or open-world type games. I loved Battleheart Legacy, so games in that vein would be great. Interested in Baldur's Gate but not sure how well it will play on my phone. Obviously, please suggest games that can be played without an internet connection. Does anyone know if the GTA ports can be played in airplane mode?
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Stardew Valley is now on iOS. The graphics style is primitive but it's an incredibly absorbing RPG/farming sim that should work just fine in airplane mode.
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The Battle of Polytopia (Civilization-style turn based strategy)
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If you're at all interested in escape-the-room style games, the entire Room series is pretty excellent and doesn't require a connection.
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2nding Stardew Valley. Will easily fill a plane ride or several. However do check that the game will run ok on that 6. Also not sure about the 6's screen size - on my 8+ the touch targets are still a little small. Pretty sure there's no internet connection needed, however you may miss having the ability to google "how to do X in stardew valley"
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80 Days! It's a piece of interactive fiction (choose your own adventure game, basically) that is a retelling of "Around the World in 80 Days" from the point of view of Passepartou. Mild steampunk-y setting, lots of interesting characters, beautiful art, and great writing.
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I think you'd enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics which shouldn't require a connection. One of the best tactics RPGs ever made. I've played it on a plane before, but it was like two years ago (don't think that stuff changes?).

80 Days is so good as recommended above.
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I'd recommend trying out Sunless Sea-- it's this slow paced game of discovery and strangeness, with Victorian and Cthulhu monster vibes, but it's whole-heartedly a story driven game, you stumble on new islands out at sea, all while your crew goes slowly mad and your resources diminish, while you make choices that hopefully let you explore further, and if you die-- you get to pass something on to your next soul. It's all rather delightful.

As a bonus, it's not really a twitchy game, so even if you're squashed between two people and have limited mobility for your arms, the game is just fine, plus it's quite dark-- so if you're playing while people are sleeping around you, you're not garishly lighting up their world. Here's a review by Rock Paper Shotgun.
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Let me jump on the 80 Days bandwagon, and recommend the delightful King of Dragon Pass, or its spiritual sequel, Six Ages. Both aren't quite "RPGs," in the traditional sense, but you'll end up doing a lot of role-playing as you guide your Viking-esque clan through the years. THey're not twitch-focused at all, and the Artis apparently gorgeous.
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Seconding King of Dragon Pass! You need data to load it initially, but then it's fine in offline mode.
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Cat Quest is a diablo/action rpg type thing I liked a lot.
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Pixel Dungeon is a straightforward roguelike. 3$USD.
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There are iOS ports of several of the classic Spiderweb RPGs. The graphics aren't always fantastic but they're deep, engaging RPGs.
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I would recommend FTL if you don't mind tiny little graphics (it's not designed for mobile)
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