Where to buy old camera parts
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Is there an online source for "antique" cameras, lenses and accessories?

I bought a Graflex Crown Graphic on ebay and made my first images with it Thursday. To say I'm in love with the camera is an understatement. I need a new/ used Graflex lens board for a 4x5 lens I have laying around and I've checked all the usual spots (ebay, KEH, B+H, etc.) with little to no results. I'm sure there's a shop or two around the country that specializes in this type of stuff. Even a name or phone number to a shop would be helpful. I hope this isn't too obscure
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You might want to check out the yahoo Large Format group; they're a very helpful bunch of people. But yes, ebay. Maybe Cameta.
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Try calling Midwestern Photo Exchange. They are up the street from me here in Columbus, OH and I know for a fact that they have old Graflex stuff. At the very least they could likely give you some referrals if they didn't have what you needed.
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MPEX are a great source. Also try Badger Graphic. But 90% of what I buy comes from eBay. Let me know what you are looking for and I'll do some digging.

If you are looking for lenses I have a bunch of Graflex-compatible stuff which I would like to sell. I have a 90mm Wollensack, a 127mm Optar, a 135mm Xenar and a 90mm Angulon. Some of it is already on Graflex boards.

I can probably sell you a 4x5 Graflex board if you are desperate.
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Your first best bet is to check Graflex.org. Otherwise you can usually find things like this at local camera shows. Check Shutterbug for times and locations. If you are in the Miami area, you just missed one so you might have to wait for the next but I assume that area has quite a few in a year.

I have a Linhof Tech 4 and it is pretty simple to make one with some heavy gauge aluminum or even modify existing ones. I'm not too familiar with the layout of the Crown Graphic but it can't be too much worse. Of course it depends on how handy you are.

BTW, cool portfolio.
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The Camera Center has all kinds of old camera goodies. If you are ever in GR stop in to check out their museum (everything in it is for sale).
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Thanks for the all the great answers. I guess what I was driving at was I need to actually talk with another person because I know so little about this camera. The links to Midwestern Photo Exchange, Badger Graphic and Graflex.org are perfect.
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This guy is the Northern California expert I'd go to first. I spent many hours in his shop as a kid and he definitely knows his stuff and will help you find whatever you need.
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John - I looked all over to send this to you via email but couldn't find an address.

I'm looking specifically for a Crown Graphic lensboard to mount an old Schneider 240mm f5.5. It was made for Linhoff. Any idea what copal number this lens could be? Is there a source for copal shutter designations for LF lenses?

btw - I remember your street work from the LUG. Awesome stuff.
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Found this cruising through an old PDN:

Lens and Repro
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The Analog Photography Users Group forums are a great place to ask as well.
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