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There is literally a book on Amazon titled "get your shit together" that may be a fun and/or worthwhile read, but I'm curious about your best books/online tools/phone aps etc. for getting control over the big picture and the to-do list esp. when it comes to non-work aspects of life management.

Prioritizing, time budgeting, money budgeting, etc. I feel like I understand all these things in theory, but maybe I need something that a little more concrete and handholdy that starts from "what's your 5-year vision" and continually breaks that down until you know how best to use your 2 hours of free time tomorrow to advance toward those goals.

The biggest issues in my life are home improvement, (unfinished) DIY projects, daily domestic routines, good financial hygiene, that kind of stuff. I'm familiar with the basics of GTD and I'm satisfactorily good at managing my work workflow, but when things are completely freeform is where I struggle. Not really looking for Adulting 101, more like adulting 301.

And, no disrespect, but unless you can sum up an effective comprehensive system for this sort of problem in 2-3 paragraphs, I'm not looking for individual tips but rather a systemic system that I can turn to, with spreadsheets and exercises and whatnot. Also looking for something more comprehensive/generalizable than Unfuck your habitat/flylady, etc. I'm roughly familiar with GTD although it's been a long time since I've looked into it and I've never made a genuine effort to put it into practice.

ADHDer perspectives especially welcome.
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This sounds a bit like strategic planning - I generally understand it as a process where you develop a mission statement that reflects your core values, and then the implementation of the mission is broken down into concrete steps within the resources that you have. Decisions about what to prioritize are based on the mission and core values, which can provide more direction and focus. It could also help you notice if you are overscheduled or overclocked, and then help decide what you might need to change to improve your flow.

I think it could be part of the Adulting 301 curriculum, because it's related to organizational management, and I learned about it in graduate school in a teaching program, because the process can also be applied to smaller-scale organizations.
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It might not be what you're looking for, but I liked this article/system about breaking down big lofty goals into everyday tasks.

Also, if you ever figure this out, please write a book and set up spreadsheets and help the rest of us out!
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This is lovely, well-written and FREE!

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