What do you put on toast?
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We're having a toast themed party. What should we serve?

What do you put on toast that is special and exciting? What kind of breads (GF included) would make a special impression?
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Peanut Butter and Marshmallow fluff (fluffernutters)

Cream cheese topped with various flavors of jelly/jam.
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Speculoos spread, sometimes called cookie butter. It's sweet with a bit of cinnamon and is very delightful.
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Butter & Marmite (or Vegemite) would be a slightly exotic option for Americans. It's very good on toast. You can also do peanut butter & Marmite.
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Apparently condensed milk is popular! I've never tried it, myself but the discussion on the blue has been fascinating.
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Toasted cinnamon raisin bread with good ol' butter is an evergreen breakfast staple in my life.
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baked beans!
Baked beans with a fried egg on top!
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Fancy marmalade- from a farmer's market if possible- is a whole experience in itself.
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On New Year's Day my mother always served toast points with chopped hard boiled egg and caviar.
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Bread wise, brioche is nice. For spreads, maybe include apple butter, or honey with comb included, maple cream, or pistachio nut butter. Savory stuff can also include lox and cream cheese, or a caviar spread (blended with cream cheese).
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Avocado and “Everything but the bagel” spice mix from Trader Joe’s. It is basically all the stuff on an everything bagel.
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baked beans

When you're searching for the Marmite, pick up a can of British Heinz beans if available. This is the Correct type of beans to put on toast.

fried egg on top

Another way: cut a hole in the middle of the bread. Drop bread in pan with cooking oil. Crack egg into hole; fry on both sides. This is fried bread, obviously, not technically toast. But it's very good.

Or soft-boil an egg. Place egg in egg cup. Take your toast, cut it into soldiers. Cut into egg with spoon, expose the yolk. Dip soldiers in yolk.

Consider also toasted bagels. The official breakfast of Christmas Day in my family is cream cheese & smoked salmon on toasted bagels.
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- Raw almond butter with a drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of fancy sea salt.
- Hagelslag/fairy toast. (Relatedly, a friend of mine always loved peanut butter toast with (dry) Milo or Ovaltine sprinkled on it and I can affirm it is sweet, but good.)
- Consider some savoury options! Toast points with sauteed mushrooms, or with chopped liver, or leftover sliced steak warmed up in a bit of melted butter.
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Tinned sardines (in oil) are also good on toast.
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Smoked salmon, cracked pepper and lemon juice.
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Butter and cinnamon and sugar, except for half of the cinnamon, use five-spice.
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Caviar, or any sustainable fish egg.

Pate, including mushroom based Brussels pates.

The softest, most gently scrambled eggs made with creme fraiche and smoked salmon.
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Peanut butter and honey on sourdough.

Look at the recipes for tartines many a delicious open faced toasted slice of bread with toppings can be had.

But don't forget the preserves aisle of your Asian grocer with things like coconut jam (kaya).
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For gluten-free breads: this depends on local availability, but Canyon Bakehouse is pretty good -- go for the Mountain White, or one of the Heritage Loafs, if available. If you want to make your own (which is complicated if you're not GF yourself, since you'd have to deep-clean your kitchen), this recipe has worked well for me.
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If it's permissible to expand the definition of toast to include crostini, a whole new world opens up:

Martha Stewart crostini recipes
Smitten Kitchen (look for both toast and crostini recipes)

And then there's Welsh Rarebit

Other things I have done or would definitely try: smear avocado onto toast. Nutella. Top bread with tomato and cheese, or any combo of things that would work for a fancy grilled cheese, and stick under the broiler.
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When I was a child in the Midwest, we used to have chicken ala king on toast. Lots of recipes online.

World War II vets (and at least some of their descendants) know creamed chipped beef on toast as “shit on a shingle.”

If you do sardines, they’re great mashed up with mustard and green onion.

I’m vegan now, so I’d go with hummus.
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Marmite (thinly spread on top of butter), topped with marmalade. I invented this on the basis that the resulting dish could be called 'marmamarm'. It's actually a surprisingly good combination of flavours.
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Ooh, I just remembered some of the best toast I ever had. If you can find goat butter, (or make some), spread it on thick-cut brioche or some crusty miche, and sprinkle with maple sugar. (These breads would also be excellent spread with seaweed butter.)

If you find any chocolate chip bread, it's amazing thick-cut and toasted with just butter and sea salt.
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Oh HELL yeah

My true love Ricotta (and honey, a little fresh ground black pepper)
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As I've recommended previously: Johnnybird's Toast Dope (oh so good). Suggestions from that thread on how to use it:
If I kept track of all the ways I've used Johnnybird's Toast Dope, I would be able to publish a cookbook about the stuff. ...Used it in an orange french toast recipe this morning, and sauteed apples in butter and Toast Dope recently and then put vanilla ice cream on top. Another thing I love when I have a slight sweet tooth late at night is buttered popcorn with Toast Dope on it, and to drink bubbly with it.
I've made it with various citruses (lemon, lime, ruby grapefruit) and it's always been delicious.
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Chicken liver mousse is great on just about any kind of toast.

Garnish it with a small amount of caramelized yellow onion and some petite cornichons on the side. Or use pickled red onions and skip the cornichons. Or keep it simple and just sprinkle a little kosher salt on top.

Also awesome is ricotta with a little drizzle of olive oil, a tiny bit of honey, and a sprinkle of ground pepper.
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my cousin runs bread srsly, fabulous gf sourdough. When she got married she and her husband had a bread bar with tons of different jams and spreads.

I like to dip extra sourdough into sour cream.

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Toast Sandwiches (i.e. sandwiches where the filling is toast).
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Every year at CONvergence (a Twin Cities Sci-Fi/Fantasy/General Nerdery convention) one of the party rooms is...the House of Toast.

I couldn't find a close-up of their menu board, but there are usually a hundred or so ingredients on it that can be mixed in an infinite number of combinations. This picture has a partial view of the board. I see octopus, hummus, pickle relish, poppy seeds, spaghetti-os, captain crunch, nutella, marshmallow fluff...you get the idea. Convention food.

Behold: the House of Toast.
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Herring in cream sauce
Cream cheese mixed with ranch dressing mix and topped with a slice of cucumber and a sprig of dill
Butter and granulated brown sugar
Cottage cheese with a little bit of white sugar

I think you should serve champagne to encourage people to make toasts.
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Do have some Melba Toast for crunching.
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Strawberries, bananas, granola, cucumber slices, hummus, roasted veggies
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Here in Maine, we spread on Cretons, a spread make of pork and milk (which we can buy at the store), but here is a recipe.
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Kaya is magnificent on toast, as is Gentleman's Relish, but I wouldn't mix the two.
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Fried mushrooms on toast with smoked Gouda on top.

Must go make toast right now.
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Coincidentally, after reading this I made toast for dinner. It was delicious.
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If you haven't already read Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair and sequels, you might want to check out the portion of his website that mentions the Toast Marketing Board, a major sponsor of action in the books, for some thematic tie-ins (and toppings info).

My notions: cream cheese and pepper jelly (the red, not the green); egg/tuna/chicken salad mini-scoops; cinnamon butter
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Jam with a thick layer of quark on top. Can substitute ricotta or thick Greek yogurt if you can't find quark.
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Avocado (ripe enough to spread!) and slices of boiled egg. Freshly ground pepper and sea salt.
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If you can get to a kosher grocer, chocolate spread is delicious

Me, I'm all about chopped tomatoes, red onions, basil and basalmic vinegar.
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Combining previous good answers: the Mar-Mar: marmite (or vegemite) and marmelade, with some butter on well-toasted thick bread of any sort.

Guaranteed to bemuse and perplex anyone of UK/EU/USA heritage, yet delicious in its own right.
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Zucchini butter/zucchini marmalade. Vegan, delicious and looks like it takes more effort to make than it really does.

Mushroom walnut pate. So delicious. Also vegan. Takes more effort to make but is very very worth it.
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Cheese on toast. Also known as welsh rarebit or mousetraps. Toast bread very lightly, pile with grated cheese, put under grill (=broiler, I think, to Americans) until bubbly and browned.

For extra deliciousness spread with Vegemite or chutney under the cheese.
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note pipeski's comment: Marmite must be spread *thinly* - it's really delicious but easy to overdo
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Toast ice cream (I'm sure James Beard knows best, but I don't know if I'd personally take the toasting to the burnt level).
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I love Welsh rabbit (rarebit).
A little butter, Marmite & peanut butter.
Trader Joe's has grapefruit marmalade that is quite tasty.
Creamed chipped beef. (Buddig chipped beef, white sauce)
Sausage gravy. (Tube sausage, brown, add flour and cook another couple minutes, add milk to make gravy) This is most traditional on biscuits.
Butter, honey.
Please provide non-dairy spread for people who can't eat dairy.
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Fig jam with a little bit of goat cheese, especially on sourdough
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Peanut butter and jalapeño jelly.
waffle iron toasted anything
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Radish toast - for something so simple, with such plain ingredients, it's surprisingly nice.
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Because I have a bunch of cheese lying around and was just looking up recipes - I recommend a little fromage fort.
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Just put avocado on it and then blame all your guests for the fact that nobody can afford to buy a house anymore.
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It looks like you're in Oakland- the public library has a copy of Everything I Want to Eat, a cookbook from the woman behind Sqirl, the LA restaurant with arguably the best toast ever. Check out her ricotta toast recipe.
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Roasted red pepper hummus and blue cheese
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Allow me to introduce you to the breakfast delicacy known as the Dirty Hippie, consisting of thick toast, warm hummus, a fried egg, and a dash of garam masala.
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I like salmon mousse. There are also high end chocolate spreads like this:

Chocti Chocolate Passionfruit Ghee Cacao Spread
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We’re having a toast themed party. What should we serve?

Mr. eirias, the wag, says “champagne.”

More seriously he also suggests caviar, gomaiso, and avocado. Suggested separately (but he would probably also try them together; he’s like that).

I am the stolid eater of the pair and my go-to extravagant toppings are nut butter and fruits (banana, raisin). Oh, I also put over easy eggs on toast, but that sounds challenging at a party.
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Some, but not all, of the local Buy for Less stores sell SueBee Premium Clover Spun Honey, a spreadable honey.
The Amazon price is outrageous, but here are some options.
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Topping for hearty dense multi-grain bread: Even more butter than you think you would like.
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Freshly baked bread, sliced right before toasting is what separates the wheat from the chaff for me (unless it is gluten free, of course!)

Our favorites:
  • English Muffin Bread + butter ( allowed to melt fully) + Mixed Berry Jam
  • Seeded Wheat Bread + Peanut Butter (warmed to gooey) + Forest Honey
  • Tomato Basil Bread + Roasted Garlic Spread + Thinly Sliced Cucumbers
  • Focaccia Bread + Olive Oil + pepper + Lightly Melted Mozzarella
LOVE the House of Toast + this party idea! It could be a good + simple fundraiser idea also.
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Pumpernickel or caraway toast, cream cheese and any jam or preserve (My favorites are black currant or black cherry, though.).

A more sophisticated version of the above is goat cheese and any jam plus prosciutto and arugula. This has been my go-to quick lunch whenever I feel too lazy to cook.

Any hearty bread, crunch peanut butter, chocolate. Sometimes, I also add marshmallow fluff to the mix because then it’s like a candy bar.

YES to the condensed milk suggestions! I grew up eating this and it’s seriously the best. Nowadays, I also eat toast with dulce de leche.

White bread, butter, sugar AND THEN place in a toaster oven. Simple, but delicious.

Avocado, parmesan cheese, and hot honey.

Chicken salad on toast is lovely. Waldorf chicken salad on toast is extra delicious.

Lastly, any dark bread (rye, multigrain, etc) plus peanut butter and bacon and pickles.
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My sister used to mash a (5 oz?) can of drained black pitted olives, and incorporate them into a block of Philadelphia cream cheese. As a notoriously picky eater, it took me until adulthood to understand why.
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Not so much a "what" as a "how": I use a thin serrated knife to slice right through the soft part of the toast, separating it into delicately crunchy halves. It looks much harder than it is, because the crunchy sides guide your knife through the soft middle. Chicken salad on toast is lovely, but chicken salad in toast is heavenly.

Jacques Pepin demonstrates.
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Cream cheese is excellent on rye toast.

Also: homemade cranberry sauce is good on a lot of things.

Also: pick any fruit and cook it down until it's the consistency you want.
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What a great party and loads of ideas to try :) And thank you acidnova for my pudding tonight of toast with sweetened condensed milk - very indulgent and comforting.

Favourite toast:
Sourdough bread, butter (optional), halloumi cheese, and marmalade. Add some cracked black pepper for a bit of heat. I don’t see this one much but I love it.

Also, other combinations of not too sweet jams or marmalade with cheese are nice too.
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The crostini my friends ask me to make for them most frequently is slices of toasted French bread topped with 50/50 goat cheese/avocado mashed well together, generously seasoned with salt and black pepper, and sprinkled with diced red onions. Honestly it's good on pretty much any toasted bread though thinner and slightly crispier works best.

I stumbled across this recipe for cherry preserves on ricotta toast last week and have been drooling over it ever since.
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I like salted radishes and butter on toast. Simple but so good.
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Lay on some Nutella, swirl in some Peanut Butter. Butter the top and coat with a layer of Parmesan cheese and some freshly ground black pepper. It's often worth toasting on a sheet pan in a hot oven instead of 'toasting' on a toaster oven rack.
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Oh, start the low heat on the cast iron pan and toss in some crudely diced onions, let them sweat and caramelize while the pan heats up for 15 minutes or so, stir about occasionally. Crank the heat and move the onions to the edge. Toss in some bread to toast and a flat pile of parmesan to toast as well. Place parm crusty thingy on toast and cover with the onions. Add some pepper.
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How has this thread gone on so long without getting to brick/custard toast??? I guess it requires a sort of special bread but BOY SO WORTH IT THOUGH
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My favorite toast to make at home is a crusty sourdough topped with mashed avocado, Mama Lil's spicy pickled goathorn peppers (and a little drizzle of the oil from the jar), fried or poached egg, and maybe some halved cherry tomatoes.

Eggs Kejriwal is a Mumbai toast dish that's to die for (cheese, spicy green chutney, and fried egg over toast, the best I've had was the Paowalla version with cheddar and brioche).

Ayvalık tostu is a panini-like Turkish street food; if you're making anything with a press if might be a fun addition.
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Chevre with olive oil
Green olive tapenade
Sliced boiled egg topped with black olive tapenade
Russian salad
Grilled Halloumi
Sauteed chicken livers
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If you have assorted bits of cheese around that need a use, you could make fromage fort (French for "strong cheese.") You just put lots of bits of cheese - preferably a mix of soft ones and hard ones - into a food processor with a splash or so of white wine and a clove of garlic, and blitz until it's a smooth-ish paste. Spread on toast or bread. Then you can run it under the broiler to get the cheese melty and brown if you want.
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Nutritional yeast!!!
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Baked grapes and ricotta, with a little bit of honey and lemon zest.

I made this recipe:


I used black and green grapes and I kept having to explain to people that they weren't olives, so I would maybe use red grapes when I do it again. But it is delicious and everyone loved it!
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beef dripping toast
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Toast, slice of american cheese, layer of baked beans, sliced up hot dogs, another slice of cheese on top. Broil that bad boy and eat with a fork.
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Sardines and peanut butter, with a little worcestershire sauce. So good.
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Peanut butter with spicy Indian lime pickle is really good.
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Don't forget Toast on a Stick!
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Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions! Our first in hopefully a series of monthly fundraiser brunches was a success thanks to your ideas. We weren't able to make everything you suggested (space, time, ingredient availability limits) but you also gave me ideas for stuff to have on my own toast in future. A couple photos. (Not pictured: beverages, toasters).
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