UnChristmas in the North
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A friend wanting to avoid family holiday crap and I, a not-Christian person, would like to get away for a couple of days at Christmas this year. Does anyone know of a place we should go, actually ON Christmas, within a few hours' drive of Toronto? Any direction is fine. Beautiful is the current goal, but interesting is also good.
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There's lots of folks in Toronto who will be doing unChristmassy stuff on Christmas. If I were you, I'd go get some great dim sum, etc, maybe out in Scarborough if that makes it feel like more of an adventure. Plenty of exploring to be done within the GTA!
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Blue Mountain is open over Christmas. Skiing will depend on weather conditions, of course. The Scandinave Spa is nice.
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Nthing TORunner's suggestion. If not Scandinave Spa or Blue Mountain you can sometimes find a nice cottage for rent in one of the small towns between Collingwood and Owen Sound. We rented a place near, I think, Meaford one year that was nice (though way more snowy then Toronto if that's an issue).
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