Okay, laptop, do your stuff!
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What are some fun open source/linux/art projects to try out on my new (to me) ThinkPad laptop, currently running Fedora? This laptop is exclusively for "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" purposes.

I'm pretty open ended here, but some of the things I've been trying to learn more about:
* Becoming more fluent in the terminal (I find this video, for instance, extremely exciting!)
* Experimenting with different types of digital/generative/video art (although I wouldn't have the specs to do much 3d/very high res stuff on my X230, some lo-fi experiments with Processing or something would be fun, in line with this previous Ask. Also interested in generative music/noise, a la SuperCollider.
* Maybe setting up a development server? Idea server? Multimedia journaling/personal map making?
* Possible quite unrelated, but I'm trying to learn more about pinball mechanics...

Those are just what I've been kicking around lately. But I'd love to identify some well-scoped learning projects - the kind of thing I could knock out over two or three weekends. Thank you!
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Mandelbrot fractal generator?
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Other than the obvious? :)
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Reaper5 runs on linux now - one of the best, most flexible DAWs on the market and it's effectively free until you decide to pay for it.
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learn how to use graphicsmagick/imagemagick to do some image processing types of stuff from the CLI. Same with ffmpeg for slicing and dicing audio/video. Learn some postcript and start generating images that are basically just programs. Maybe blender? Create some 3d shapes and use some code to make them morph and dance and change based on your supercollider creations.
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Generate art with Tensorflow.
Mess around with ray tracing (old school or new).
Make cartoons the way Studio Ghibli does it!
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