How to get my Second Life account?
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Second Life account creation question.

I'm trying to create a free basic account for Second Life to check it out. However, it requires credit card details to verify my identity. The registration page keeps throwing an error that my credit card details need to be "checked", so I'm unable to create the account.

My details are correct and for a current card. I have also tried using my partners credit card details (also, current, correct details and same provider), but no dice.

I'm in Australia so I'm unable to use my mobile to verify my identity. (I suspect that Linden is not accepting registrations from this part of the world, but not acknowledging this for whatever reason). Does anyone know if this is correct, and if there any work-around?

Apologies for posting this here. I'd search the official forums, but I need to register the account to access them ...
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Best answer: As far as I know, you should be able to register from anywhere. At one time they were officially allowing only US residents, but they went worldwide, geeze, a year ago now?

I'd suggest dropping a note to I'm sure they'll help you promptly.
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I started to create a SL account a few days ago, and got as far as choosing a name. Any suggestions on that?
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Well, you have to choose from a list of existing last names... this was done purposely to give you some links with other people in the world. "Hey, cousin Bob!" There aren't any real guidelines, other than to keep it PG. Many people try to be a little funny or cute; my in-game name, for instance, is Trimming Hedges. (originally, I wanted to be a lawn gnome, but at the time that wasn't really possible. It is now, but I haven't bothered, since I have an avatar I like. :) )

Names in SL are not malleable. Linden Labs will fix a capitalization error for you, but other than that they will never change a name. It's the one fixed property in SL. You can change from female to male, from vampire to dragon, from medusa to werewolf... only your name is constant. They're absolutely inflexible on that rule. So if you want a new name, you'll have to make another avatar. (this meant more, of course, when they still cost money. :) ) So choose something you like, and be careful with the spelling.

Once you're in Second Life, don't rush to the mainland if you can avoid it. Most people are starting near a new place called Help Island, which is meant to be a gentle introduction to the (many!) possibilities of the game.

They're running an experiment over the next few days where not everyone will be sent to HI... some will be sent straight to the mainland. (They're trying to see if the resources they're putting into HI are worth it.) If you get the option of using HI, definitely do so. There are virtually always Mentors (knowledgeable volunteers) around, and they're happy to answer questions and help show you how things work.

Wherever you end up, feel free to drop me a note in-game. I'll be happy to help if I'm around.
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I'm in Australia and I just tried a moment ago to sign up for the basic free account using my Visa debit card, to see if the same thing would happen to me. It wouldn't verify the card either.

I've done a fair bit of online shopping and never had any problems with payment before using this card.

Do what Malor suggested and contact the company.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I've sent an email off so hopefully they'll be some clarification soon.

I wasn't too fussed about Second Life until it looked like I couldn't get an account. Now it's killing me. Evil Bastards *shakes fist*.
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