Most Useful Chrome browser keyboard shortcuts
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Which keyboard shortcuts do you use the most often in Chrome's web browser?

I get that there are tons of shortcuts. I have no desire to learn even ten of these :). But I do want to learn maybe half a dozen - the ones that are most useful.
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My most used shortcuts:
Ctrl-Tab: Next tab
Ctrl-Shift-Tab: Prev. tab
Ctrl-N: New tab
Ctrl-R: Refresh
Ctrl-W: Close tab
Ctrl-L: Focus address bar

Those are definitely my most useful/most used; they have the best return as far as the number of times I do those actions vs the amount of time I'd have to spend using the mouse. I certainly use shortcuts other than the ones above - Ctrl-P to print, for example - but that's less about efficiency and more a matter of habit.
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CTL-Shift-n to open an incognito tab.
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My most used are probably these:
Ctrl+W - Close Tab
Ctrl+E - Type a search query
Ctrl+T - New Tab
Ctrl+Shift+T - Reopen last closed tab (can be repeated as many times as necessary)
Ctrl+L - Focus on the URL, either to copy/edit it, or to overwrite it with a new typed/pasted URL
F5 - Refresh
Ctrl+F5 - Force Refresh, bypassing cache
Ctrl+N - New Window
Ctrl+Shift+N - New Incognito Window

And of course Ctrl+C - Copy and Ctrl+V - Paste, so I'll commonly highlight something, and then type Ctrl+C, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V, Enter to perform a search for the highlighted term in a new tab. (Yes, I'm vaguely aware that I can just right click on the highlighted term and use the dropdown context menu to get the same result, but that's more difficult on a touchpad.)

I'll also commonly chain Ctrl+L, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Shift+N, Ctrl+V, Enter to copy the current URL and open it in a new incognito window to check if the page will look the same to someone that's logged out, if I'm about to send a URL that I'm not sure if it requires a login/cookie to work properly.
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Ctrl + up arrow = top of page
Ctrl + down arrow = bottom of page
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Ctrl + 1 = go to first tab
Ctrl + 8 = go to eighth tab

Ctrl + 9 = go to last tab
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Just used it to see if anyone else had listed it yet.
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Alt + left arrow = back button
Alt + right arrow = forward button
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A surprising number of people don’t know that the space bar takes you down one screen.
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