Jump Lists misbehaving with OneDrive/Sharepoint
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My workplace recently upgraded to Office 2016/365, including OneDrive/Sharepoint syncing. I need to be able to access a number of these synced files quickly and multiple times a day, and until now, I have done so by pinning them to the taskbar (i.e., via the Jump List feature). After the upgrade, I noticed that that whenever I opened a pinned file, it disappeared from the Jump List -- making pinning essentially useless, and causing me a week's worth of confusion (at first) and frustration (now). I'm looking for a better solution than the vaguely ridiculous workaround I devised this afternoon.

After much digging around this week, I finally determined that this problem relates specifically to network drives -- i.e., OneDrive/Sharepoint -- and I have finally able to solve this problem (sort of) as follows:

- In the taskbar properties, enabling "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and taskbar" setting
- Opening the file I wanted to pin, which results in it showing up in the newly enabled list of Recent files
- Clicking the "Pin to list" button for the Recent file
- The file no longer disappears from the Jump List when I open it; success!
- Disable the "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu and taskbar" setting, because (illusion of) privacy

That's all well and good, but I very much do not want to have Recent files showing on a day-to-day basis (I am regularly demoing things for colleagues via screen-sharing, and anyway it's too cluttered with all that extra nonsense), nor do I want to have to toggle this feature every time I need to pin a new file. Is there a way to pin OneDrive/Sharepoint-based files that doesn't involve toggling this setting? Please tell me there is a better way.

Further detail, in case it helps clarify: When I pin the file to the Jump List by dragging and dropping it, windows registers the C:\ location. However, when I do it via the new method above, it registers the Sharepoint URL (which I can see when I hover over the filename). I'm using Windows 7, I do not have admin privileges , and IT is unhelpful on the very best of days, so this unfortunately limits what solutions might be available to me.
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Just spitballing but perhaps make a folder with shortcuts to your items you'd like to include in this, and then use a utility like Jumplist Extender to launch via the shortcut? Or maybe this one? There seem to be an abundance of custom jumplist tools out there so maybe going that route would get you what you need. I'm hopeful one of them doesn't require admin rights since you're not entitled to those.

Alternatively, going the route of setting up autohotkey with quick fire shortcuts to your files might be an option. That has a portable version so you wouldn't need admin rights to run that.
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