Queer-friendly haircut in Nashville?
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I am a female-bodied person who currently has long hair, but wants short, masculine hair again. I haven't had a short cut since before I moved to Nashville, TN. Any recommendations for a queer-friendly place to go get a haircut? Google is not getting me anywhere with this.

I would really like to go somewhere where what I am asking for doesn't phase them in the least. I already feel insecure enough about my appearance and don't really want the burden of breaking down people's perceptions or having it be awkward in this situation. I would rather buy clippers and attempt to cut my hair myself than either (1) walk into a barbershop and have it be weird or (2) deal with a stylist who is uncomfortable with my gender presentation. But I don't think I'd do a very good job with that.

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I am not in Nashville and have no specific recs. But: I have done this! If someone has a great place for you then go there. But if not: if you are willing to hack at least a good chunk of length off yourself and then walk into the appointment you might be amazed at how much better it can go. My own experience has been that stylists can be more weirdly fearful about radical change than about gender stuff. Like, maybe there are horror stories they have or hear of where someone says "chop it all off!" and then hates it and becomes a sobbing awkward mess in front of all the other clients? I just know that I have walked into a salon and had someone flatly refuse to give me a haircut when I've wanted to go short. And then I have gone home, hacked at my hair with a scissors, and walked into a different salon saying: "whoops! Can you help me fix this? And while we're at it, here's a Pinterest board of cuts I would be thrilled with". And whoahh it's like night and day.
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Maybe one of the businesses off this list?

And I feel you on the haircut issues. Good luck!
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I feel like Scout's barbershop would be right up your alley. They've got a few locations in/around Nashville.
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QueenHawkeye, just from the website I'm delighted that they price by "short haircut" and "long haircut" instead of mens/women's. Thank you!
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FWIW I just picked a random salon in [midwest state capital] and went there, and the stylist was excited to chop off all my hair. I think it helped that I showed her a specific undercut, and also wanted a dye. (But she was really, really excited.) And yep, short/long pricing is a good sign.
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I've gone from long hair to clippers more than a few times. I get "Are you sure?" now and then, but since I can tell them specifically that I want a high, short fade, with a #1 guard on the back and sides and a #4 on the top, with just a little fringe of bangs, they're more ready to get that I know what I'm talking about and know what I want.
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