Where Can I Find Thick and Fuzzy Women's Sans-Drop-Crotch Sweatpants?
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I long for thick, fuzzy, slim sweatpants built for women that don't have a large crotch area. I keep finding ones that are somewhat baggy, and therefore have my thighs touch on the inside, when all I want is a snug yoga-fit crotch that also has the thickness of luxorious men's sweatpants that are all the rage these days. Where do I find them?

Here's what I'm looking for in a sweatpant:
- made for women
- not a large or baggy crotch, fitting like yoga pants right up in there (not sure 'low-rise' is a perfect term, but that's close)
- thick, warm and fuzzy (not fast-fashion-style, which is most of women's clothing these days)
- preferably has the larger leg-clinging cuff along the bottom of the legs

Here are some men's examples that are similar in style to what I'm craving:
- Everlane with a cuff
- Mack Weldon, all luxury, wear-them-out-of-the-house-like
- John Elliott Escobar, super slim and still thick and fuzzy

Can you help, team? Pricing isn't really an issue (as long as I can return if not satisfied). Thanks in advance for helping me -- and my inner thighs -- be cozy this winter!
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I have sweatpants (mostly) like you describe from old navy. Look for “joggers” they’ll have the closer fit you’re looking for
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Athleta joggers are shaped like this. And these from Prana look thick.
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Gap has a lot of options, and they're easy to return to the store if you want, or via the mail. Some have less rise than the others, but all look better than the womens options on Everlane!

Athleta, owned by Gap also has even more possibilities.

On preview, jinx!
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Seconding joggers, and I'd look to ones made by companies that make a lot of yoga or "athleisure" style clothing.

A few options:
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The most comfortable and snuggly pants I own are the Polartec PowerStretch pant from Athleta. After November, I wear mine almost daily every second I'm not at work.
They are amazing.
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Roots does excellent sweatpants and has a series of styles - I think skinny, slim and original all hug the butt snugly.
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Agree that Polartec Powerstretch fits your criteria as long as you are okay with fleece lining vs sweatpant material.
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I am deeply in love with Uniqlo's sweatpants, especially the fleece lined ones. They hug my bum snugly and while they could, i suppose, be drop crotch if you wore them quite low on your hips, I'm short and wear them just over my hipbones. Every time I pull them on I feel like I'm being hugged by snuggly baby angel wings and the heavens part and there are harps and like, butterflies, and rays of golden sunlight and...um. Anyway, I recommend Uniqlo fleece lined sweatpants.
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I bought men's sweatpants from J Crew just for this reason, and I am a woman. I figure if I'm wearing them, they are for women.
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Thank you so much for your great answers! Excited to try all of these out!

(JuliaIglesias, I actually posted this because of Uniqlo's sweatpants! I bought them and love everything about them EXCEPT that they have too big of a crotch for me... so thank you for being on the same page!)
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