Extracting audio from Olympus VN-900 recorder
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Is there a simple way to export the digital audio files from an Olympus VN-900 voice recorder into an iBook G4?

I have been gifted with this miniature audio recorder, but the instructions weren't included. I need to record about ten minutes of on-the-fly street interviews, and then email them to someone for editing, and would love to use the recorder rather than lug my iBook and USB headset out into the field. So, is there any way to get the material out of the Olympus (via the tiny Mic or Ear jacks) and into my iBook, short of playing it out loud near the computer mic? (That would sound awful, right?)
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Best answer: Google produced a link to the VN-900's manual (PDF link), which seems to indicate that the device only has the audio out jack; no USB or the like.

All is not lost, though, as you can get a USB-to-audio-in adapter for your iBook. The only one of these I've ever used is the Griffin iMic, which I can wholeheartedly recommend. The included software will take whatever audio that comes in to the iMic and convert it to a plain old AIFF or WAV file.
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On a little side note: the last time I used Griffin's Final Vinyl (the included recording softwar)e, it would let you quit the program without saving the file and without throwing up a standard "Do you want to save first?" warning. So be careful if you use it!
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