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I'm looking for functionality (highly preferably one that works with Google Calendar) where I can say that Item A takes 5 days, Item B takes 13 days, Item C takes 5 Days, etc., and if I have to bump Item A forward, Item B and C are automatically bumped forward by the same number of days – but that isn't much more complex than that, i.e., not some of the highly complex Microsoft Project-esque monstrosities.

I think that what I am looking for is functionality that is like an extremely simple Gantt chart. Mentally I've called it "dependent calendaring," but I don't think that's a particularly useful search term.

The closest I've thought I might be able to get was a spreadsheet that transplants its data into a separate sheet in a CSV I could import into Google Calendar, but that requires literally deleting and restarting each calendar every time I have to make a change.
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while the features are straightforward, in software terms, it's a little complex because it involves the integration of two things that need glue to work together (google calendar, a spreadsheet or gantt chart).

i suspect you will be looking for an application that already has a bunch of other things.

the search 'gantt chart google calendar' yields a couple of candidates, and 'gantt calendar' might be good as a query too.
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some candidates
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