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I am starting a blog about my kittens that I adopted from a local cat rescue organization. I need a fantastic name for said blog.

I adopted two rescue kittens this summer from a local cat rescue organization, and I wanted to blog about them. My hope to use the blog not only to document the hilarious nonsense my cats get into, but also to use it as a platform to boost the visibility of the cat rescue organization and maybe even raise some money for them. They are not for profit and rely entirely upon volunteers and donations, and I really feel they do great work.

Current blog names I have come up with:
- HissyKisses
- Caffeinated Tornadoes (because of this conversation I had with someone who works with the rescue organization)

See why I need help with the blog name?

Before you ask, yes, I have been in contact with the cat rescue group about this idea. I am not just randomly deciding to affiliate myself with them without clearing it with them first. :)

Cat details:
- Picard Augustus Von Polypuss (polydactyl as hell, kinda runty, absolutely cuddle obsessed, soft as sticking your hand in a bag of flour)
- Sirius (falls in the tub every time I take a bath, asks to be picked up by batting me on the leg with both front paws, favourite sleeping spot is across my chest, weird AF)
- they are brothers that were rescued from an outdoor colony.
- they very well may get a brother before too long.... (I want a white kitty to complete my greyscale)
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Fur Sure (Furever, Fur Life, etc.)

Welcome to Cat Facts! (maybe not)

Owned by Kittens
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I kind of like "Nonsense My Cats Get Into."
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"An abundance of kitty toes"... or "Toebeans and caffeinated tornadoes." (A friend of mine, who is sadly no longer with us, was particularly fond of kitty toebeans. She'd have been just thrilled with Picard Augustus Von Polypuss. I know I am. Toebeans!)

Also suggest Instagram to document your kittens and promote the blog - I get lots of unsolicited follows just because I post lots of pictures of my & my partner's cats and the kittens she fosters.
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I'm liking Caffeinated Tornadoes!
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Smitten Kitten
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Kitty Letters
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The Paws That Refreshes. (domain is available)
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Cat House Chronicles
Kit Cat Club
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[Rescue Org] Kitten Tales--The Continuing Adventures of My Caffeinated Tornadoes
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Countup to Couch Pillows, and then each entry begins "Day #X..."
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My Rescuties. (domain is available)
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