Help me Find Jeans?
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I have a pair of Gap girlfriend jeans that I me find more jeans I will also love.

I love these jeans b/c they are stretchy/relaxed and a really nice, very very thin/comfy denim. They are not stiff at all. I am a curvy person, about 5'5", wear a size 10 (30) in Gap and Old Navy.

I am not particular about brand. I have a smallish waist (used to be smaller, but so did all of me!) and curvy hips and I guess my butt is like "medium" in comparison...not flat, doesn't stick out too much. I HATE wearing anything that feels like it's constricting my stomach...these are mid-rise, I won't do high-rise, and I think I usually wear low-rise, since that was pretty in style from I guess beginning of 2000s to the last few years.

I ordered these I not positive...and just returned them b/c they were way too tight and I realized I want a looser, more relaxed fit.

I wear ugly shoes/sneakers b/c of a foot problem, so nothing that would look best w/ heels or fancy shoes.

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I've been wearing Lee Dream jeans for the last couple years. They're SUPER soft and stretchy, and for whatever reason they seem to hold up much better to chub rub than other jeans I've owned. Which is surprising considering the fabric is so thin. I suspect they're made out of magic.

Few things to watch out for: different washes are made of different fabric blends, so while they're both soft and stretchy, the fit isn't quite the same between my black jeans and my med wash jeans, even though the cut is the same. Also, they smell real weird, like bug spray, for the first 2 or so washes, and I'd recommend you wash them at first with work towels or other jeans or things you won't be using near your face since the smell can linger. But that goes away after a couple of washes like I said.
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I have a few pairs of Gap girlfriend jeans (although from a couple of years ago when they were stiffer denim and not stretchy as you described them), and I also really like the Gap girlfriend chinos from last season (I got 3 pairs). I usually wear a 14 but I got them in a 16 and they are super comfy.
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I like those jeans too, and another jeans brand that I just discovered is Wit and Wisdom. They are way stretchier than I am used to, but somehow they still read as jeans to me the way Gap jeans have, are super comfortable, and I kind of maybe love them more now than my Gap Girlfriend jeans. You can see by the reviews that they are beloved by many.
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