Does money help at this point in an U.S. political campaign?
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I'm canvassing and even still postcarding for the midterms in the USA, but of course I'm also continuing to get endless donation requests for various campaigns. What does the money pay for this late in the game?

For bonus points: If it's a choice between money and time, which is better?

My particular campaign of interest is Claire McCaskill's Senate race in Missouri, if that makes a difference.
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Yes, money helps A LOT. Money = time, other people's time. So if you can do both, do both.
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No political campaign has ever had more money than it could use. One important thing campaigns can spend even super-late donations on these days is online advertising. Even donations that come in the day before Election Day can be put to use in this way.
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Snacks. Pots of coffee. Canvasser fuel.
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A lot of campaigns spend more money than they make, so you’re helping them pay those bills (and supporting vendors, many of whom only work for one side or the other).
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Yes. But give it now so it can go towards opening another field office, or another ad buy.
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Last minute TV ads have a very large effect on voting. Which I personally find kind of disturbing but it's true. And they are super expensive.
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One thing to keep in mind is that your money will go a lot farther for a state race or even a somewhat neglected House race than it will for Senate. Maybe no one ever has enough money, but McCaskill raised $8.5M in 3Q, far more than Hawley.
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Yeah, absolutely. Campaigns buy ads right up until Election Day, and paid staff are still getting checks.

Time is good, and if you can do both, go for it. But no campaign is ever going to turn down cash.
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