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I’ve been eating vegan before 6pm to try and lose 10 lbs. I’m looking for tasty, easy vegan recipes that don’t contain 50 ingredients. Vegans of meta filter, what are your all time favorite recipes ? OR, what’s your go-to weeknight supper?
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Chili with lentils and beans and caponata are two of my favorites. You can definitely simplify the chili by omitting some of the spices (like, I never use cinnamon or nutmeg) and using one type of lentils/beans.
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Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Beans and Greens

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potato Quesadillas (cook the sweet potatoes in the microwave, omit the cheese)
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I substitute olive oil for butter and omit the cheese in this recipe for slow-cooked leek pappardelle with crispy white beans and lemon.
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Frankly, I tend to use vegan meals as an excuse not to cook. So I'll make a tray with cut up veggies, nuts, and fruit, maybe some crackers.

Other somewhat lazy options that only dirty, at most, one pot:

-hummus with carrots or pita
-bean chili
-avocado toast
-bean burritos
-green salad with sunflower seeds or smoked tofu sprinkled on top for protein
-stir-fries with tofu
-rice noodles with peanut sauce
-pad thai with tofu
-pasta with tomato sauce or vegan pesto
-any cooked veggies + nuts (eg. spinach with a bit of lemon, garlic, hot pepper and sliced almonds).
-rice and veggies with a tahini sauce

If any of these sound good I can link recipes.
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I'm a big fan of simple. Stir fry onions, mushrooms, and quorn (mycoprotein) in olive oil and spice to suit you; eat over grains (usually quinoa and millet, sometimes amaranth). Rice congee is my other goto. I'll make a big batch and freeze some; when I reheat it, I'll add veggie stock to get it to the consistency I like. Sometimes I mix in beans or quorn for protein; veggies like corn or sweet potatoes work too.
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Kimchi udon. Many recipes on the internet use bacon or butter which you have to omit. It's not hard to find vegan kimchi brands near me, but it might be hard for you.
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We are not vegan, but we eat a lot of vegan food to save money or because friends are vegan, or to slim down (never works for me, sadly). We often try new stuff and scan the webs for ideas, but we always return to a classic minestrone, and a Moroccan vegetable stew served with couscous and harissa sauce. Really always. My adult children and their friends still regularly ask me to make one of the two. Both are very easy to make, cheap and nourishing. They seem simple, bordering on bland, but they change with the seasons and are both very aromatic.

For the minestrone: chop seasonal vegetables into small cubes (4x4 mm), there must be a basic soffrito, maybe of onion, carrot and celery, sauté that gently in good olive oil. Then add a glass of white wine and cook till there is no alcohol smell. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes and the equivalent amount of water, and herbs and other seasoning. Add the rest of the vegetables according to their cooking time, so they can be al dente at the same time. For instance, the stalk of the broccoli goes in a different pile from the flower. Now you can add a little lemon juice and/or balsamic vinegar to taste, and adjust the seasoning. This is optional. At last add legumes (either a can of beans or chopped string beans (or fresh peas in season)) and small soup pasta -- we like alphabet. This can all be done in less than half an hour all included if you are a reasonably experienced veggie-chopper or use a mandolin. The time you spend making tiny cubes leads to much less cooking time.
If you want to save and reheat the leftovers, take out what you won't eat before adding pasta, as it will grow to huge slimy blobs in the fridge.

For the stew with couscous: cut seasonal vegetables into large chunks (2x2 cm), they can be anything, but I like a mix of root vegetables, alliums and soft stuff like squash. Put them all in a pot with a tin of tomatoes, the equivalent amount of water, thyme, bay leaf, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer till the root veg are soft and the tastes are well melded. Add a can of chickpeas and heat well. Serve with couscous (follow package instructions for that). Take half a cup of the liquid out of the stew, and mix in harissa from a tube to taste to make a thin spicy sauce that you can pour over the otherwise mild but aromatic stew.
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Recipes in constant rotation at casa vivzan:

One Pan Pasta

Lentil, Chard, and Sweet Potato Curry (I leave out the vegan yogurt and sub with coconut milk)

Vegan Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry

Spinach and Chickpeas (I often leave out the bread because I'm lazy, but it's so freaking good with it in so try it at least once)

Pasta with Collard Greens and Onions
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Tofu scramble. There are a lot of recipes online. I'd say the biggest division is between people who use nutritional yeast and people who don't. My basic recipe:

Block of firm or extra firm tofu (some recipes call for freezing or pressing; I just crumble)
Medium onion
A small carrot or baby carrots
Nutritional yeast
A lemon
Salt, pepper, maybe hot sauce

Optional: spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, thyme or other herbs

Slice the onion very finely and saute it in olive oil until softened and transparent. Meanwhile, chop several garlic cloves. Add to the onion and stir. At this point, if you're adding mushrooms or bell peppers, add them and saute until soft. Take the block of tofu and crumble into the onion mixture. Stir until hot through. Add grated carrot and/or greens. Add the juice of half a lemon and nutritional yeast to taste (anywhere from 2 T. to a quarter cup.) Add salt, pepper and maybe hot sauce.

Also, sauteed grated cauliflower or zucchini makes a great base for burrito or a bean dish - simply coarsely grate as much cauliflower or zucchini as you plan to eat, saute in olive oil in a big pan and season. If you're going to make a LOT of either, saute it in two batches so that it doesn't get soggy.

I also make cauliflower with tofu, curry paste and cashews, like this: Grate a bunch of cauliflower. Saute - in peanut oil if you have it. As it cooks, mix your favorite Indian curry paste with a little warm water so that it is liquid but thick. When the cauliflower is almost done, add cubed tofu. Add curry paste mixture, stir. Add roasted unsalted cashews to taste. (If you're ambitious, you can start with raw cashews and fry them.) This dish has been very, very popular. I use pretty much any curry paste from Kitchens of India, via Cub. (Obviously, if you know how to make your own curry base, that elevates the dish, but I've had no complaints with KoI.)
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Oh forgot to add my favorite Thanksgiving dish! Stuffed squash. That website is full of other easy vegan recipes too.
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I love this recipe for spiced lentil soup. It's fairly simple to make, and it's amenable to modifications. I made it once using this African curry powder (subbed for the regular spices in the recipe), and it was absolutely delicious, if I do say so.
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I'm going to recommend a couple of cookbooks: Veganomicon, Vegan Yum Yum (her blog is great), and Lorna Sass' Complete Vegetarian Kitchen, which is all vegan. Everything I've made from these has been great, and they're very easy to use.
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Mujadara. I like mine with brown rice, spiced with a teaspoon or so of cumin added to the onions as they fry, and maybe a little lemon juice squirted on top.
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Barley bowl (or rice bowl) - I use a rice cooker that has a timer to cook during the day, and then I put on some canned chickpeas, one or two veg(can be frozen peas and grated carrots), plus tahini or soy sauce or Kim chi.
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Amy’s makes good vegan soups. Their canned chili without anything else is really filling and tasty. It’s not low-calorie, though.
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Oh, also vegan and tasty is Field Roast sausages with pasta and tomato sauce. But I was never chubbier than when I was a strict vegan, so, you know.
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Best, simplest vegan quickbread on the planet, which makes any dish a satisfying meal: olive oil salt bread. Very nice to pair with the World's Easiest Red Lentil Soup. This soup has absolutely no right to be as delicious as it is, and it freezes beautifully.

If I want to get slightly fancier, any of these wonderful variations on braised lentils.
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This spicy potato curry is delicious and easy.
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I recommend the cookbook “the frugal vegan” for beginner vegans - lots of easy recipes without a million complex ingredients. I borrowed a copy from my library but liked it enough that I ended up buying it.

My weekenight dinner greatest hits:

-tofurkey sausage sautéed with onions and peppers and tossed with pasta. Is good with olive oil & spices and a splash of balsamic, or with homemade or bought sauce of your choice

-tacos or burrito bowls are a staple in my house AT LEAST least twice a week - so much variety here - you can do veggies, tofu, mock meat, whatever combo of fillings and toppings you enjoy.. My boyfriend usallu makes a big batch of refried beans weekly so they are always on hand to throw in a tortilla with some lettuce, tomato, and sautéed onions. (canned is fine too though)

-stir fry whatever veggies you have / you like and serve with either a prebought sauce, or you can mix one up yourself with some combos of soy sauce, rice wine wine vinegar, sriracha and gochujang

-ikea veggie meatballs never fail with basically any kind of sauce - seriously - curry sauce, teriyaki, pasta sauce. I keep a bag in my freezer at all times for days when I Just Can’t and will have them with

-hummus wraps are another “I CANT” dinner - veggies, hummus and pita. Easy peasy.

-frozen veggie & tofu fried rice (google - there are tons of simple recipes for this)

I have also found Instagram to be a great resource as a Baby Vegan (less than a year into it full time). There are of course a bunch of fancy vegan bloggers who post, but if you look at some vegan hashtags you can find plenty of everyday people sharing their vegan food and it’s a great resource for ideas
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Skip the fish sauce, or sub in soy sauce, and Budget Bytes' Thai Curry Vegetable Soup is vegan. It's super delicious. You could use shirataki noodles instead of rice vermicelli to make it lower in calories.
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Roasted vegetables. Pan fried tofu. Pasta with tomato sauce and a can of beans (and/or whatever vegetables you feel like tossing in). Stewed "beans and greens". A couple specific examples:

Toss together chunks of butternut squash, apples, and onion with olive oil and pepper and roast them.

Roast broccoli (trick is enough salt and pepper) and add lemon zest and juice.

Roast brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar (original recipe called for honey but agave syrup works too, don't believe there's any health difference but for some vegans honey is an ethical issue).
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I found this pot pie recipe a couple weeks ago and have already made it twice. My wife and I both house this thing so fast. In lieu of seitan, I used veggie Italian sausage.

Another really easy thing to make: veggie sausage, asparagus, and lemon. Cut everything up into chunks/sections/wedges, season, pan-fry over high heat.

Beans are also really good for vegan cooking: simple, cheap, and filling. If you go this route, I would highly recommend getting a pressure cooker.
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I have made this Zuppa Toscana soup multiple times and it is very delicious. How I veganize it: I use powdered coconut milk for the cream, my own veggie broth from veggie clippings, and these Beyond Beef crumbles. Tasty and easy to make with a lot of ready-to-use common kitchen ingredients.
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I just read this "recipe" for midnight spaghetti. You don't have to eat it at midnight, and you don't have to use half a cup of oil. As she says in the story, you adapt it to you. And it's a very good and simple dish for any day. I don't like whole grain pasta much, but this is one of the recipes that really works with whole grain.
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