Virus protection on a Mac: ClamXAV or ???
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I've been using ClamXAV on my Mac for several years, and it seems to have done a fine job so far. With their recent move to a subscription model, it seems like a good time to review my choice of anti-virus. Part of my original decision to use it was that it was a one-off purchase, if I'm going to be paying ongoing I'd like to be sure there isn't something of comparable/cheaper price that's as effective/more effective. What are you folks using to protect your Macs?
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I don’t. There have been very few actual viruses on macs. When I needed to remove malware (mackeeper) from my dad’s computer, I used malware bytes, which worked nicely.

I am forced to use Symantec on my work computer, and I can give a very enthusiastic non-endorsement. It is absolutely terrible.
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The free version of Sophos seems fine and doesn't seem to slow down Macs. I have to use it on my work computer, and it's totally fine.
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I'm with rockindata. There is really not much need for always-on virus protection for macs. Periodic scans when you feel like something might be off is the way to go. Also, I have to say that my experience differs greatly from limeonaire. I found Sophos to have a definite negative impact on performance.
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I've used Sophos for several years now and it's been fine. Haven't noticed any performance shortfall.
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Sophos all the way for me. I've used it for over a decade with no ill effects.
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At the last two jobs that required Mac antivirus due to contractual obligations, we used Bitdefender and Kaspersky.
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Harden your browser and don't worry about it from there unless you're running unsigned programs or watching a lot of porn. Privacy Badger and HTTPSEverywhere.
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