Bass gig bag like the Gator Slinger?
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Gator appears to have discontinued their Slinger line of gig bags. I'm looking for a bass gig bag with a Slinger-style strap (crossbody, wide, clips in front). Does anybody make these now? Vendor must ship to an APO address.

The crossbody clip-in-front strap is important because I frequently don it while wearing a big puffy coat and mittens; so nothing I have to stick my head or arms through (coat gets tangled up) or fiddle with (mittens!) will be nearly as good.

I'm currently borrowing a Gator Slinger Pop-n-Play, which is what turned me on to this style, but my friend needs it back.
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I've just bought a Maxpedition Gearslinger, it has a large snap buckle that'll do what you want. I got mine thru a gunshop in NZ, I imagine they mail order stateside tho.
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