Where to read on NYC on a Friday night
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I'm in New York City. I want to go and read somewhere tonight (Friday), that is not a Starbucks, open until at least 10 pm or even midnight, where I can sit in a comfortable couch/chair/sofa and order refreshments (coffee, tea, alcohol, light snacks).

My difficulties in finding a place like this tend to be:

- I'm specifically looking for someplace good for Friday and Saturday nights; a lot of places that would work for this on weekdays have a totally different vibe on weekend evenings and I wouldn't feel comfortable just reading there. (I'm not looking for a library -- I just don't want to be somewhere where everyone else clearly has a different agenda than me.)

- The evening is also a part of the issue; I'd be happy going to a coffee shop, but most (that are not Starbucks) tend to close by 8 pm at the latest.

- It'd be nice to be able to have a beer or a glass of wine, but I think the difficulty is that most places serving booze on Friday or Saturday nights tend to be crowded and/or loud.
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Do you mind buying expensive cocktails? I'm remembering the Pegu Club, on West Houston, as very quiet (although dark. That is, you'd want to be reading on a Kindle or something, not paper.)
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Pegu Club on a Friday is, I'm afraid, apt to get quite loud, unless you're out by 7 at the latest. It'd be quite nice on a weekday, as they do have rather nice couches and chairs, but a Friday may be rough.

Think Coffee has a few locations open until ten or eleven which also serve beer or wine. The one on Mercer might be a little crowded with NYU kids, but is worth a try as they might be partying elsewhere. The one on Bleeker might be just the ticket for you, and even has a patio.
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Yelp for hotel lounges. Midtown hotel lounges & lobbies tend to be quiet on weekends. Especially chain places.

My memory is that the Algonquin lounge would be perfect for this, although I can’t guarantee it’ll be as quiet as you’d like. People are in and out, but it’s not a loud bar scene.
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I second Think Coffee.

Also, perhaps a hotel lobby or bar? When I worked South of Grand Central 5 years ago, there was an older hotel that had a bar that always seemed deserted, even during happy hour. Based on google maps, it looks like the hotel may have closed/changed hands, but I think other hotel bars might work.
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I’m a big fan of hotel bars for this purpose — but obviously not the trendy ones like the Standard or whatever. Just the ones that have an older clientele.

Comfy chairs, sometimes a fireplace, no jarring music, etc.

I’ve even done some of the lower-to-mid chain hotels that have a nicer-than-usual restaurant attached (so it doesn’t feel like I’m sitting at a sad Holiday Inn, drinking a mini bottle and eating a bummer chicken wrap from a vending machine, or something).

On preview: yup!
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Hotel lobby/bar made me think of the bar/lounge at the Regency Hotel.
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Think Coffee in Gramercy is pretty dead at night, but only open until 9, while the one in the East Village is a little busier, but closes at 10.

I've spent a Friday night reading in the cafe at the Whitney (open until 10), but there were definitely waves of people and then it would suddenly become empty.
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One of the Grey Dog Coffees might work for you. The kitchens close at 10 but I think they're open for at least half an hour, maybe more, after that. Probably towards the more energetic end of the spectrum for coffee places, but not crazy.
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There’s also a chain called The Bean here in the city. I’m not there a lot so I can’t soeak to how busy it is but google maps has a feature that suggests they get less busy after 9pm today.

Edit to add some definitely are open till midnight.
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Burp Castle in the East Village is small and cozy and has a fairly strict noise policy that’s enforced by the shushing bartender. It fills up on the weekends but I think would still make for a peaceful place to read. Really good beer and you can bring your own snacks.
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Cafe Reggio in the West Village meets all of your criteria I believe. It can be a little crowded but I've personally read there with a glass of wine on a Friday night to great success.
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Haven't been to Burp Castle in a long enough time I don't remember what the seats are like. But excellent beer, and enforced quiet is pretty super.
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Housing Works bookstore on Crosby
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