What's for dinner tonight?
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Just don't know what's for dinner tonight. I'm housesitting and I brought over with me anything that looked like it might help make a good dinner: a pile of tomatoes, a couple small eggplants, a head of garlic, a red onion, a finger of turmeric, a can of coconut milk, a can of hominy, a half dozen new potatoes, crushed almonds, hazelnut butter, nut yeast, block of tasty cheese, single serving container of plain yogurt, butter, oil.

I'm near a grocery store so I can get anything that's not listed, but I brought plenty of food so I'm assuming I can figure something out with what I have. I am happy to run with the idea of a recipe, but if you have something specific, that works too. I don't eat meat, and I'm cooking for two.
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could you buy a box of pasta and put the eggplant tomatoes cheese onion and garlic with it? saute all but cheese and pasta in olive oil and butter until soft. cook pasta. put sauteed business over pasta, put small bits of cheese on top, eat?
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Response by poster: Cooking for two; partner is wheat-free. We're both vegetarian, I don't like bell peppers, no other food restrictions.
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Make a veggie curry with the coconut milk, tomatoes and eggplant - possibly incorporate the potatoes.
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As a quick meal yesterday, I got a cast iron super hot. Added oil and halved garlic. Then quartered tomatoes and tiny eggplant. Salt and chili flakes. Then put it in the oven until the juices oozed. Shaved a ton of Parm on it and popped it back in until crusty. Then just ate it straight with a spoon. If I had toast, that’d be good. Maybe you could microwave potatoes and add that in.
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Yeah I would just cook that all in one pan:
Start with oil, onions, turmeric garlic. Add diced taters and tomato when the other stuff sizzles. Add coco milk when stuff starts to stick, then eggplant and other spices to taste. Maybe hold back on the hominy, I love it but it’s the oddball here imo. Could also hold the tomatoes I suppose but I’d personally go for it for color and a bit of tartness. Yogurt at the very end as needed, same with yeast.
It will all simmer down to a nice thick coconut milk sauce over veggies, what’s not to like.
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Best answer: I once had a ratatouille over finely mashed potatoes; it's one of the best meals of my life.
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Response by poster: peanut_mcgillicuty, pixar, and youtube for the win. I think I can rig something tasty up. Thank you all!
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Response by poster: Bonus question: Anything exciting I can do for dessert with hazelnut butter, crushed almonds, coconut milk, and pomegranate? I forgot to mention the pomegranate.
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Response by poster: Gobs of butter, a red onion, time. Bulb of fennel. Finger of turmeric. More butter, more time. Some eggplant, bit of powdered ginger, most of a can of coconut milk, couple small tomatoes, head of garlic, potatoes. Time. Blend.

The resulting sauce has come out looking and tasting like pumpkin pie filling. My partner says it tastes like pureed vegetables, but agrees about the appearance. Consensus: it is delicious in any case.

Mixing and matching cuisines and levels of gloppiness for the win. Cooked up the sliced vegetables with the hominy, and am now adding sauce over the top. Shredded cheese for good measure (really was unnecessary but cheese). Cayenne for pizazz.

Thanks again, y'all! Looking forward to the leftovers.
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Dessert: mix coconut milk and sugar, (if you have some vanilla, splash some in now) freeze for an hour or so til it's firm, smush it with a fork so you get an ice cream texture, and top with the hazelnut butter and pomegranate seeds.
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