Nicer kids Kylo Ren costume?
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I'd like to find a kids' Kylo Ren costume that is a bit nicer than the usual cheapo Halloween costume.

Our Kylo Ren-obsessed preschooler is requesting this costume for Halloween, and will probably wear it daily for months. I'd like to get him something that is a bit slower to fall apart than his other costumes (from Rubies). Should be The Force Awakes version of the costume. My searching didn't turn anything up - am I missing something?
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I'm sure you looked at Amazon, but it's hard to see the details of the costumes well without zooming in. The version made for sale in the Disney Store, shown here but on Amazon, is more substantial than the one made by Rubies.
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Whoops; here's the link for the Disney The Force Awakens costume.
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There appear to be a few choices on Etsy, example 1, 2. I used search term "kylo ren kids costume".

Here's another option from Chasing Fireflies.
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Edit: Apologies, I just noticed the lead time on those Etsy costumes is too long.
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