Two-timing watch recommendations
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I recently moved very far away from my best friend. As a gift, I would like to get us matching watches that can show two different times (my time and hers). Women's watch style preferred. I've tried to google but I haven't had any luck. Do y'all have any suggestions?
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Gotham and Philip Stein make dual time zone watches.
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This is generally called a GMT watch (at least for men’s watches) if that helps your search.
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Maybe this or this? Or this or this?
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What is your price range?
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Y'all are so much better at internetting than me! Thanks for the suggestions I did find a few that look promising.

Price range is maybe $150 each?
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This Skagen Ancher GMT watch is nice-looking & in your budget. It’s a men’s watch so maybe a bit big, but it’s free of the “I am a deep-sea diver and/or airline pilot on a mission” cosplay bezels & buttons that a lot of men’s watches are kitted out with.
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Siagen also makes these, although it looks like they might only still be for sale on the British site.
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A Seiko kinetic GMT would be an excellent choice near the top of your price range. A kinetic watch never needs batteries; it recharges itself as long as you wear it occasionally. See for example this one, which is $175 on Amazon. Seiko also makes an excellent solar powered watch movement.

A Citizen eco-drive GMT is another great low-maintenance choice that has some cachet.

For a gift, I suggest automatics and kinetics, or at least solar, because of the idea that the watch will continue running forever; it's a nice implication for the friendship. It also seems like a better basis for gifting a watch than design, since design can be so highly personal. At sub-$100, the main differentiation is dial design so choosing one becomes entirely subjective. You can just do a Google image search for "GMT watch" and see what you like.
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