Trying to remember a novel
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I'm trying to remember a novel I read within the last ten years--I've Googled, checked all my reading lists, and nothing. Please help?

My memory is getting more fuzzy as I try to remember more about this book. What I'm certain of: It was written by a woman. I would have read it within the last ten years, on my Nook (which I no longer have, and the book was downloaded onto it from my library, who doesn't offer a history of everything I've borrowed), so I'm pretty sure it was published in the 21st century. It was about a woman in her late teens/early 20s who had some sort of supernatural power--maybe she was able to go invisible? Or go into different dimensions? I think she was attending a school that would help her hone these powers, and she was trying to use them to find a missing artist? Who may have been her mother? Who had the same/similar power as the girl? But even with these elements, I wouldn't call it sci-fi or speculative; it was more literary fiction. For some reason, I think the title was "The _____________," but I could be completely wrong--about all/most of this (I may be conflating the novel itself with the story I wanted it to be; while I remember liking parts of the premise, I was still somewhat disappointed overall). The cover may have had vertical stripes (for some reason I'm thinking they were pink and yellow stripes, but my Nook only had the greyscale screen, so I have no idea where this "memory" is coming from).

I've gone through my GoodReads, my notebook reading log I used before GoodReads, have Googled, and have come up with nothing. Does anything of this sound familiar to anyone out there?
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This sounds sort of like Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore. I think.
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Response by poster: Okay, so a name just popped into my head. I Googled it, and it was one of the characters in the book (which was The Vanishers).
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