Where can I meditate in a community in New York City?
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I've been doing a lot of reading (Joko Beck, Pema Chodron, Joseph Goldberg, others) and I sort of know how to try to meditate and I do try at home. But I would like to find a place where I can sit and meditate in a room with other people. In Manhattan and preferably in the West or East Village.

I know that Insight Meditation in Chelsea has a weekly thing on Tuesday evenings (which I can't make because of work), and I know there is a Korean Zen place on East 14th street that has an introductory thing once a month. But I don't really want a class or a one-off explanatory thing. Where can I go and sit with people and just meditate on a regular basis? Would there be places where you pay a membership fee? The Rubin Museum has some individual dates but they cost $19 each! (too much for me).

How do I go about beginning meditating with others on a regular basis sort of thing, preferably in the Village?

Thank you.
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integral yoga on west 13th street and greenwich ave has group meditation daily at noon and on a few weekday evenings; it's free. i've never done it before but i've been doing yoga there for ~6 years or so and they're pretty great although a bit more into the chanting thing than i am.
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The Village Zendo has a schedule that is very very familiar to me as a practitioner at a Zen Center in another state. Usually you'll want to go to their introductory session just to learn about how their community does things, but then after that go at any of their sitting times or services.
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I really like the NY Insight Meditation Center. It's a walk from the village but the teachers were good when I was a regular (probably 10 years ago now.)
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It's been a few years, but I had good experiences with Still Mind Zendo in Chelsea and Dharma Punx NYC on the Bowery.
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There's also a group called Queer Dharma that meets at the Shambala center - so.. really two options in one location.. Its in chelsea near the trader joes IIRC ..
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NYIMC and the Interdependence Project share a space now, so that's a good option too if you want to try a few options. Both have sits almost daily.
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You could attend a Friends Meeting (Quakers). There's one in Manhattan.
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