Find me the grapefruit cough drops Daiso discontinued (or a substitute)
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Daiso no longer sells "Grapefruit Cough Drops." Here is an image of the bag and an ingredient list. It is the best hard candy ever! Does anyone know of a source for this particular item, or a similarly real tasting grapefruit-flavored candy? Torie & Howard's Pink Grapefruit & Tupelo Honey candies are okay, but they're expensive, come in a wasteful metal tin and have an annoying nubby texture, while the discontinued candies are smooth. Please hope me!
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A lot of people love Grapefruit Hi-Chew, and I think Daiso sells Hi-Chew.
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Those are indeed the best grapefruit flavored candy ever!I have a bag sitting right here on my desk, here's a photo of the back of the packaging.

The manufacturer is Senjaku but I don't see the hard grapefruit listed amongst their current product line. Given that the bag has Daiso imprints on the back and Senjaku offers to make private brand/OEM candy, this might have been a special order. But, the good news is they do have a few Yuzu flavored candies (one hard, the other hard shell with a chewy filling) which might taste very close to the Daiso grapefruit and it also appears Senjaku has made grapefruit flavored candies in the past, which bodes well for the future.
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I have a memory of these being decent, but it's been a while. They are "dimpled," meaning they are smooth but have a sort of depressed center.

(For the record, if you think a reusable metal tin is more wasteful than a plastic bag, you may be a little confused.)
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If you’re willing to consider non-hard candies, Haribo grapefruit gummies are marvelously grapefruity and available in economical and environmentally-friendly five-pound bags (and you will eat all five pounds).
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The citrus Halls are grapefruit, lemon, and orange.
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If you're willing to look beyond grapefruit, Muji has these delicious, tangy yuzu/kumquat hard candies you might like.
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Since the English website just said "sold out", I looked at the Japanese Daiso site, and the candies are nowhere to be found; I'm sorry.

I thought that maybe another Japanese candy would be the best replacement (I find that Japanese grape taste is very different from grape taste I know from Europe, so I thought that may be the case for grapefruits - sorry, I don't like them much) and found this:
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The Muji ones Dywpi recommends are top notch.
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I appreciate all the suggestions, and will seek some of these out.
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I went to Muji at the mall for the first time, and dywpi and PinkMoose ain't kidding about how good the yuzu candies are. And the notebooks! Also, got some soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung. This could get to be a habit...
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