How do I download a full website onto my computer for offline viewing?
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I am looking at a website and I need to download a copy on my computer so I can turn off the interview and view the full contents. The website has multiple pages - pictures and text. I have both a mac and a pc. What is the easiest way to do this?
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You can do this with site ripper software like HTTrack.
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The easiest way will greatly depend on how the site's layed out. There's wget, HTTrack and a bunch of others.

Good overview of your options here.
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I would open up the terminal on your Mac and try the example wget command from Bangaioh's second link, replacing with your target site. If you're lucky wget is already installed and it will just work.
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sitesucker for mac osx used to do this well (5 yrs ago). No idea if it's good (or safe!) now.
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