Patching Windows XP from burned CDs?
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Patching Windows XP from burned CDs?

I'm fixing an aunt's computer this evening - it's overridden with spyware. I'll be restoring it using the system restore disks that came with the machine to an unpatched copy of Windows XP. Updating to Service Pack 2 using her internet connection is out of the question as she is still on dial-up. Can I burn the necessary patches to CD and run them from there instead?

I've hunted around on and can't seem to find the correct files to download (I'm on a Mac, so anything that asks me to prove that I have "Windows Genuine Advantage" is inaccessible). Is there a way I can get hold of the right files?

I'm mostly a Mac user these days, so tips on what else to burn on to the CD are welcome (I've already got AdAware, Firefox and Thunderbird).
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Windows XP SP2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals. No WGA requirements that I could see.

First google hit for "xp sp2 download" incidentally
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If you have access to another PC with broadband, slipstreaming is the way to go.
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antifuse: that's perfect, thanks. Unfortunately slipstreaming isn't really an option - or at least I'd rather avoid it (I'd have to take her laptop home with me and return it another time).
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I was on dialup (28.8k if I was lucky) and could download Service Pack 2 just fine.
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Correction: slipstreaming isn't an option because I don't have another PC to set it all up from.
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Microsoft has started a monthly ISO image for all security updates for that last month. Click below

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Whoops, no linky, here is the URL:
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Autopatcher to the rescue! I carry a copy of the XP SP2 linked to above, and the latest version of this around with me on my USB thumb drive. Its the only way to go when re-installing or updating old computers.
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