What digital asset management app has the best UX?
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What digital asset management (photos, videos) type of software has the best UX for searching and filtering and finding stuff you're looking for?

I'm consulting on a project that involves storing terabytes of media and enabling companies to search through it easily. For reference, we've looked a lot at Google Photos, Dropbox, and Getty. But I haven't used any of the traditional DAMs and I suspect there are lots of other asset search experiences that I don't know about... any suggestions?
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Right now I am playing around with Tropy. It was developed for academic researchers, but I think it would be pretty great for a lot of applications.
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There are professional tools from companies like editshare, catdv, avid, facilis etc. Functionally tho the difference between them is humongous. Truthfully when i consult for my clients on this exact thing (exactly in my dayjob) the priority is to clearly understand the workflow first. Then choose a MAM becomes a lot easier as usually one or two become clear choices. Personally i have been recommending the facilis fast tracker a lot recently as it's low cost and works tightly with adobe CS which my clients use heavily. They are happy with it, but full disclosure they dont track music or photos (yet) so i can only recommend it based on video asset tracking. Happy to memail for a more direct chat if that would be helpful.
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We don't presently use it, because it's spendy, but I was really impressed with the Libris demo I sat in on.
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