Conference Calling on a Landline or Cellphone
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Hi, I am looking for a service that allows you to set up a conference call directly from a phone (rather than an application or browser). Preferably something where you can dial in, enter a code and talk. We have been struggling to find a service like this that is trustworthy and reliable. We use this about half a dozen to a dozen times a year. Any recommendations or names of providers for a service like this? We are located in Toronto.
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My work uses the Rogers audio conferencing service, it seems to work just fine!
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I use, and it does exactly that. Their screen sharing service leaves something to be desired, but the phone conferencing works great.
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I've used in the past, with no issues. It works like any other conference calling system: you dial a number, then enter your code to be connected to your group. IIRC, it sends the call statistics to your email afterwards, but there's no browser needed to set up or conduct a call. You will need to go online to establish your account, of course.
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seconding I've used it for 10 years with no issues. It has a number of useful features such as recording. You just send over the phone number & access code to prior reservation required.
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Similarly, at my last job we used , which also had the benefit of having toll-free dial-in numbers in many countries so it was possible to have international conference calls. Also requires online registration, but no additional setup -- the originator just dials in with their permanent code and sends the participant code via email to everyone else.
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I use UberConference. You do have to sign up for an account but once you have it, you just send the number and PIN to the other participants, it's not necessary for them to sign in online or anything.
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We use GlobalMeet - you call in, enter an access code, and voila, the call begins.
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Uberconference (not related to the Uber ridehailing service in any way, as far as I can tell) does this -- seconding Medieval Maven.
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I am a secretary-type person and I have used You have to create an account with them, but then it sets up a code number for you and sends that to you with the phone number. Then whenever you want a conference call, you just tell everyone the phone number to dial and the code to enter, and there you are.

Note for if you have people joining from other countries: some countries have separate phone numbers so the people dialing into the conference don't pay a metric assload in long distance fees. the code they would use to access your conference would still be the same, though. (Not every country has these separate numbers; the web site for has a list.)
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