Gas Range with "Natural" Knob Layout?
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Does anyone make a freestanding oven/range with the knobs arranged in a “natural” layout (where the knobs are in the same arrangement as the burners)? This is a common arrangement for separate cooktops, but it doesn't seem to be possible to find in a standard 30″ gas range. Years ago, I had a glass-top electric range with staggered knobs, but I haven't been able to find even that — searching several dealers and makers has failed to turn up anything but a straight-line layout.
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Are you specifically looking for knobs on the horizontal plane of the cooktop, as opposed to the more standard front face position just above the oven door?
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Response by poster: They could be on the front face if they are staggered (for instance, the knobs for the rear burners are an inch higher), but I would prefer knobs to be on the horizontal plane of the cooktop. For some reason even ranges with knobs on the horizontal surface still just have knobs in a straight line, even though the “natural” or staggered arrangements are fairly common for separate cooktops that necessarily have knobs on the horizontal plane.
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From your link: "Another solution in that case could be to align knobs while changing their size to represent different sizes of burners as in the following draft." Buying individual replacement knobs for an existing unit does that. Unless, yeah - are you looking for stovetop-surface-level knobs?
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