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I'm looking for an easy to read list or maybe infographic that breaks down what happens to my body over time if I exercise consistently.

I have seen similar lists for what happens each week if you are pregnant, and what happens overtime as you quit smoking. Exercising daily seems to be one of those habits where you will see or experience the same physiological changes occurring around roughly the same time, so I'm wondering if there's some kind of a general list. I keep finding fitness plans that last X weeks and other irrelevant material when I search.

Ideally, the list will focus on physiological changes only related to exercise. For example, I'm not interested in what happens to the body if you exercise and diet concurrently.
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I'm not sure that the premise that you will see or experience the same physiological changes occurring around roughly the same time is particularly true for exercise. If John works a sedentary desk job and Rochelle is a landscaper, then they would experience different physiological changes because they are starting from different places.

If Sayed takes up jogging while Celia starts rock climbing, they will experience different physiological changes because they are doing different activities - at 8 weeks Sayed may have much stronger cardio system but no change in upper body strength, and the reverse for Celia.

And these examples ignore the differences in intensity/frequency of exercise as well as the different responses people have to exercise - I remember back in gym class some things were better for me than others, by it's not universally true that gymnastics is harder than soccer, just I'm more suited to one than the other.

I suspect that the best chance of something like this is for a specific commercial program, like Crossfit.
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Funnily enough I just saw a video on what happens when you stop exercising...
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Ok, well, a list or graphic of what happens in general after a person in a given condition begins exercising in some way at some given intensity level would be fine too.
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