Whatchamacallit: Hardware store bracket/floating shelf support edition
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I'm looking for a L or elbow bracket with just a very short side that is actually screwed into the wall and the long side of the L projecting out being 9-13" deep. I'd prefer not to get galvanized pipe, but that is in effect what I'm looking for (PVC would be fine). Something like this (the grey metal portion of the pic) would be ideal. I'm not sure how to find or describe this to hardware stores. I need 2-3 and I'm in California near Ace, Home Depot and Lowe's.
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The grey thing is a support bracket for a floating shelf. Can you just buy a floating shelf with the right combination number of support brackets and length and throw away all the non-bracket parts?

Both HD and Lowes here in Canada sell an assortment of styles (pretty much all the home improvement/home furnishing borgs do).
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I find a few options when I search for floating shelf bracket. Not sure exactly what you're picturing but this Etsy seller has some that I think match your description (that's 11" but there are other sizes)
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Yes, it’s called a shelf bracket. Here’s one that is 3”x13”

The reason that this is harder to find is that it’s going to be much weaker than the more common e.g. (6”-15”)x13” brackets that you see. Probably fine if you don’t need to put much on this deep shelf, but do consider loads and strength against the desire for short rise on the brackets. The pipe example gets a bit of a boost due to having anchors on both sides of the cantilever, but you’d still have to be very careful about how you mount them, that’s modern trendy stuff focused on form over function, not classic strong design, imo.
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I don't know about your local Ace, but this is exactly the kind of vague question I bring to Ace, TruValue, or similar non-warehouse hardware stores. There always seem to be staff around to help me come up with solutions or work arounds.
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A shelf bracket is what you want, but the problem is that the shorter the dimension that is up against the wall compared to the dimension that extends out. This means that weight on the shelf will tend to either jam the bottom of the bracket into the drywall or tear out the screws or both. If these shelves are going to hold any amount of weight, be sure to screw into studs and not just use drywall anchors.

You might also consider French cleats which go the length of the shelf instead which will distribute the load over a greater area. The modern take on them are metal clips that are fairly cheap. Again, if you're intending to hang anything that weighs a lot, be sure to put the screws into studs in the wall.
If you're clever, you can recess the cleats on the shelf and they're be invisible.
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I expect Lee Valley to carry the nicest version of this sort of thing, and blind shelf supports. And lo!

Lots of other shelf supports too.
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