How to transfer Mini DV tapes to Windows as painlessly as possible?
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I have several Mini DV video tapes, a usb to dv cable, a Canon ZR900 camcorder and a Windows 10 PC. Is there an easy way to transfer my Mini DV tapes onto my computer? If not, is there a device I can purchase that would simplify the process? My Googling suggests that it may be difficult with Windows 10.
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I'm not sure with Windows 10 or your specific camcorder, but I had a hard time transferring some old Hi8 tapes to my computer. I couldn't find a driver that would work with Windows 7, but I found that using a really old laptop did the trick.

I'm not quite sure from your question if you have already tried and were unable to get your computer to recognize the camcorder, but you might take a look at some of these types of posts about workaround for the legacy Firewire drivers and getting them to run on Windows 10.
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