Little kids songs en español- who is the Spanish Raffi?
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I'm in search of some great kids songs/albums for my kid's car ride to preschool (bilingual, English/Spanish). Raffi has been a big hit and has a couple songs in other languages, but I'm looking for someone singing fully in Spanish. Who's the Spanish-world Raffi? Searching found me this great thread but that's for French. Any suggestions for kids songs/albums en español?
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Smithsonian Folkways did a folklife collection of Puerto Rican & Mexican children’s game songs in I wanna say the 70s based on the tone of the car horns in the background. It’s a great collection and the songs are enduring favorites. I think some of them are for like handclap games or jumping rope. My in-laws all recognized them from when they were little girls in PR.
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123 Andrés seems like he would be a great candidate for the Spanish language Raffi.
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José-Luis Orozco

Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero
‘Papa’s dream’
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Maria Elena Walsh was like an Argentinean mashup of Raffi and Pete Seeger. We like Canciones Para Chicos.
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When my kids were little, we really liked Tish Hinojosa. On the CD we had, she sang the entire lyrics of each song in both Spanish and English, in a very natural way.
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The CD we had from Hinojosa was Cada Nina, and I recommend it.
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In Ladino, derived from Old Spanish, is the Chanukah song Ocho Candelikas. Very singable, maybe a real ear worm.
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Thank you all for the recommendations! You've made our next couple weeks of car rides much more enjoyable.

I've been introduced to some great new artists. Here's a playlist in case anyone's interested in hearing the mefi suggestions: Kids songs en español
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You can try they have a lot of songs for toddlers as well as games, activities etc. They have resources for free and others that you have to pay, worth checking!
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