Range maps for crypozoological creatures
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I'm in the woods in Ohio right now. It's dark, and I realized I would very much enjoy knowing if I am in the range of a Chupacabra or Jersey Devil or Michigan Dogman or similar. Does anywhere know where I can obtain range information for such creatures? It strikes me that this could be a really fun GIS mapping project.
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Range = 0, these things don't exist. Or do they...?

I can't find a range map for you, but I can find a Monsters in America (not just in D.C. amirite?) location map poster and a compendium. Maybe that can get you started. Ohio, you say? Be on the lookout for the Loveland Frogman. Other phenomena that might be near you courtesy of Weird Ohio.
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Here is the North American Cryptid Map.

Greetings from the land of the Dover Demon!
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Also, if you ever find yourself in Portland, Maine, visit the Museum of Cryptozoology, featuring a few sculptures by a former MeFite.

no, I do not believe, but it sure is fun.
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These were great, thanks!

I've started my project: I'm gathering range maps in this GitHub repository now: https://github.com/simonw/cryptozoology

I'm really pleased with my Bigfoot map: I took the KML file of 3,000 plus sightings from bfro.net and assumed a range of 15 miles (based on a conversation I had a few months ago with the chap at the Santa Cruz Bigfoot Discovery Museum). Then I created a combined polygon from 15 mile circles around each sighting, and here it is: Bigfoot range map (desktop mode only - you can click the link in the footer on mobile).

See also my thread on Twitter
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Here is the North American Cryptid Map.

I thought "the Buzzfeed" was a big noise on the web, but that map is seriously deficient. Not because it is covered with imaginary stuff--I am as in favor of mythical crap as the next guy--but because it is of such low resolution I can't even read the labels on my laptop when I blow it up.

I cannot imagine I am the only person who couldn't look at simonw's map, too, so I will take the prestige hit and ask how I am supposed to view a "geojson" file? I assume something in my browser is supposed to perk up its ears and fetch my slippers but perhaps I have set it up it in a bad way.
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