Have Pistachios, Will Cake
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I made chocolate cake (aka sponge, not yet frosted or anything). I have a bunch of roasted, shelled pistachios. How shall I incorporate the pistachios into the cake?

Should I make a pistachio frosting? Or a pistachio mousse, to put on top of the sponge and then frost with something else? Can you suggest something delectable for me to try?

I've been watching a lot of Great British Bake-Off, and I'm willing to go all fancy with this!
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Maybe crush some pistachios and sprinkle them on the top of the pistachio frosting in wavy stripes?
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Chop medium-to-fine and cover the frosted surface. Throw a coarser layer in the frosting between the layers of cake, if you have a multilayer.

Instead of top, you could also press them up on the sides. If you don't have enough to cover the whole of the sides, you can do stripes (make a cardboard mask, put into position, and press pistachios into frosting) or some other design.

Since they'll add a greenish tinge, you can add something else that has a complementary color; either another green (tea powder?) something else. Maybe a yin-yang with something that contrasts highly with the pistachios, and also lets people choose to, ahem, go nuts, or not.
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I would try a cannoli filling between the layers and frost with an Italian buttercream that includes a generous amount of ground pistachios.
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Maybe candy some pistachios for the top!
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When you said "chocolate cake" and "pistachios," my instant thought was Texas Sheet Cake. Make a chocolate frosting and frost your cake, then chop the pistachios and sprinkle them on top.
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pistachio buttercream
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I’ve made butter creams flavored with rose water or strawberry or raspberry, and added chopped pistachios to them. Could be good between the cake layers.

You could candy some of them like on GBB! like this!
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Maybe a yin-yang with something that contrasts highly with the pistachios, and also lets people choose to, ahem, go nuts, or not.

Yes, for example, pistachio pairs well with rose.
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You could add a layer of Pistachio Marzipan between layers. Looks beautiful and tastes delectable!
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