Dog Toys Under Couch
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My dog keeps accidentally pushing or rolling her toys under my couch and then she barks because she can't reach them. It's driving me crazy. How to solve (besides buying a new couch)?
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I’ll be watching this with interest. The only solution I’ve found is toys that don’t fit under the couch.
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Sometimes I intentionally block the under-the-couch area/opening with either a long pillow or a shallow cardboard box, and it works pretty well. Depends on the nature of the toy and the height of the opening, though. We also reduced these issues when we reorganized the room and pulled our couch away from the wall, since it reduced the amount of under-couch area that is inaccessible to him.
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We built a barrier. Used 2x2 pieces of wood, one long one across the width of the couch, and two shorter ones on either end the depth of the couch (braced against the wall so that the long one couldn't be pushed back)

It was easy. It worked. Depends on the couch, ours didn't have a skirt, so we pushed it back under a bit so the toy would still go under, but dog could get it. You couldn't see the barrier unless looking for it.
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Pool noodles are the traditional fix.
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Depending on couch layout and how dedicated your dog is to pushing things under it, you could work out some sort of barrier that'd prevent toys from rolling under the couch. Maybe tack or tape a cardboard/plastic/wire strip to the bottom of the couch all around? Store something under the couch that stops anything from rolling past snout length?

It might help to know what the distance from couch to floor and what the couch material are.
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This is my dog. We put rubber barriers made from black rubber wall baseboards under the bookshelf and are considering doing the same to the couch. We also have ball timeout when she gets too manic with her balls. Then she has to chew her stick or her squeak monkey, which she thankfully switches to after seeing us put her balls away.

(But, tbh, we move the furniture to retrieve her toys 100% more often than we should.)

Looking forward to better answers than mine. TELL ME EVERYTHING.
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100% under couch barriers. If you post a pic of the space under the couch, I'm sure people will add more details to the plan.
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I don't like animals under my bed and I use wide, flattish empty boxes from moving or having stuff shipped to me as my barrier. Heck, one side is just blocked by the brown paper package filler amazon sometimes ships with. Not solid, but enough for their to be a barrier or some sort to keep the corgi from nesting under there.
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Seconding pool noodles!
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Did someone say pool noodles? Because the answer is pool noodles. Unless you are environmentally concious, in which case you can make non-floating pool-noodle-alikes out of the arms of old button down shirts, stuffed with the shirt bodies.
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it is no accident.
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Yeah, it's no accident. My dog trained himself to kick toys under things and scratch/bark because it invariably made me come a-running and pay attention to him.

We switched out most toys for things too tall to fit under the furniture.
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Need doggie pic
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If you want to make the pool noodles look classier, you can wrap them in fabric or a sheet to make them a little less obnoxious.
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Pipe insulation from hardware store! It comes in different thicknesses, is cheap, and you can cut it with scissors. It is dark gray so not too noticeable. You need it larger than it looks like and you will stuff it under the edges. It does require a pretty low to the ground couch.

I used this for cat toys and it worked but had 2 problems.

1. They could crash into it and knock it further under the couch so I would sometimes have to reposition it.
2. Eventually one of them decided to start eating the barrier, so now I have one of these.
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We used pipe insulation for our couch ... for our toddler who did the same thing. Dogs & kids, amirite? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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