"Go to school. Learn a little. Live dangerously." Where?
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I recall seeing a movie poster in the 1980s that quoted Alexander Pope's line from An Essay on Criticism, "A little learning is a dangerous thing," and then followed it up with a catchphrase or slogan: "Go to school. Learn a little. Live dangerously!" Can anyone confirm this and point me toward the movie?

My Google-Fu has failed me on this one. It may well have an older movie. Possibly I'm confabulating it. I seem to recall that it starred Peter Sellers, but I don't see anything in his oeuvre that seems to fit.
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From my Googling around, it looks like this may have been 1966's Lord Love a Duck. I can't find that particular poster, but several sources cite those lines as appearing on the initial title card.
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northernish has it:

Opening motto:

A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing:
Go to School
Get Knowledge
Live Dangerously

Looks like it was originally from Al Hine's 1961 novel, Lord Love a Duck.
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And a screenshot.
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Thanks to both of you! I was being too specific, and forgetting that the Pope line is often misquoted.
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