Lovely wedding venues within striking distance of London?
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A friend of mine is getting married, and is looking or a venue around London. Have you been to a marvelous wedding recently?

Guest numbers still up in the air, but I'd say over 200 people. Classy but perhaps a little different, whatever that means to you. Perhaps a house party -- i.e., a large house to rent out where people could stay as well, but also open to warehouses, large pubs, etc. She hasn't decided a budget yet, so we'll leave that aside for now (though obviously this will matter in the end and the Savoy is definitely out :).

Open to any ideas to pass along! Thanks!
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Some more details are likely to be useful. Are all 200 invited for a sit down meal or do you want to have separate day time and evening things, with less people in the initial one? Do you want the ceremony at the venue where you have the party? Free bar? Some idea of budget might be good since anything with 200 people can get expensive fast.
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It will depend very much on cost but Leeds Castle ain't too shabby (and has a range of choices).
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I have no personal experience of it but Old Finsbury Town Hall in Clerkenwell looks nice.
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Try You can sort by date, capacity etc and search specifically for unusual venues. The Star & Garter is a really gorgeous riverside venue in Putney and not bank-breaking as London budgets go.

If she doesn't have the budget bottom £90 per head London pretty much requires she will probably be better off searching Air BnB for houses that allow functions and then hiring catering and possibly a marquee for the garden separately from contracting for the venue.
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Thanks so much everyone! Yes, I was spare on the details because there really are no details. She truly doesn't know what she wants right now, and is kind of taking the approach of getting ideas and then deciding what she wants (maybe not a great idea, but hey ho.) She doesn't even have a date yet! So I'm just generally looking for anything at all that might spark some ideas/interest/venue, etc.

These are all excellent though (esp. DarlingBri) -- open to any other ideas!
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Micklefield Hall looks nice, they've got a big rustic barn sort of thing you can have the dinner in. It's not central London but definitely within the M25.
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Pit Barn Hall near me is beautiful (I drive past throughout the year and no matter the season, the surrounding fields always take my breath away). It's hugely popular and fairly easy for guests to get to from around the UK and various airports (M3 near Basingstoke, Newbury, etc.).

(Watership Down is nearby so extra photo opportunities should the bride/groom be fans of the book.)
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Wilton's Music Hall fits a certain "shabby chic" interpretation of "classy but perhaps a little different" and is a beautiful space.
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Check out West Dean Gardens in West Sussex near Chichester.
Beautiful gardens, beautiful house.
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We got married at Ironmongers Hall in the City. It was absolutely fantastic - I can't recommend it highly enough. Gorgeous food, atmosphere, service. The children (we had 25 under twelves!) loved it because it looked like Hogwarts. The planning team were first rate and nothing was too much trouble for them. We had about 120 guests but they could easily have fitted in a lot more. I loved it so much!
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Aynhoe Park. Very much not cheap but amazing and hey, they've got 26 bedrooms.
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