Help identifying specific intersections in Manhattan
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I would like to identify the specific intersections in these four photographs so I can remove the stickers, which are from a white supremacist hate group. Can you tell me where the four stickers have been posted?

And if you ever see any stickers from this group, I encourage you to remove them or cover them up. Thanks!
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Maybe I'm not understanding the question, but from the replies to the thread, it looks like someone already pulled all four, with full documentation.
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The first photo has a street sign, Allen St dead ending which per Google maps is at Pershing Square, Houston street, and Google Street view shows the brick buildings from the first and last photos...I didn't look for the businesses in the other photos, but a good guess would be within a block or so of that. But I think they're already gone.
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The first one is Allen and E. Houston, for sure. But they seem to be gone.
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1, 4 are the basically the same angle at Houston/Allen looking E down Houston. 2 is same intersection looking S down Allen. 3 is near Mulberry looking E down Kenmare.
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