Search terms for finding personal cruise blogs?
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I really like reading personal cruise/travel blogs...the kind that read like diary entries with lots of personal color and details...but all I'm finding lately when I search is commercial travel writing. How can I narrow down my searches to get more personal blogs and especially the super in-depth ones?
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Does searching for "cruise" "we went" or "cruise" "we went" turn up anything of interest?
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CruiseCritic message boards?
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You can google for the list of boats in the yearly Baja haha and Pacific Puddle Jump. These are cruiser rallies. Latitude 38 publishes the list of boats participating along with a brief bio and many have blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagrams. Once you find this list just google the boat name, like “SV boatname” to find them.
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It’s best to go back a year or two as some of the boats who do these rallys are just starting to cruise.
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I like the trip reports in the FlyerTalk forums. There are some cruise reports, such as this one.
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My friend has an interesting travel blog that includes several cruises, including a recent multi-month around-the-world voyage. I think you'd enjoy it.
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