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I was blown away by this bedroom makeover video catered to a blind person, where everything was super tactile and super sensory as per her wishes, such as a sequin wall and a stuffed-animal headboard. What other examples are there of bedrooms or other residential rooms that take unusual approaches to decor?
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From Gallaudet Today, that university's alumni magazine spring 2007, Todd Byrd's essay “Deaf Space: Deaf Culture Meets Architecture in UD” dives deep into Deaf space: how designers can support visual learners and communicators. With helpful checklists: useful data to make even a temporary space Deaf friendly.

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Gallaudet University put those principles into practice in 2012-2013 when they built an entire residence hall designed for hearing-impaired students.
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You would like Nest Magazine.
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If you want unusual for unusual's sake, Netflix has a handful of shows featuring unique design. So does HGTV.com. And wherever Trading Spaces wandered off to, there've been some seriously oddball designs there. I remember one episode where the designer decided to glue hay to a wall. I don't remember why, just that I thought it was fucking bizarre.
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if you're into nerdy themed decor, perusing the home decor tag at Epbot has lots of fun stuff
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There are some great wheelchair-accessible home tours on YouTube.
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Reversible Destiny has some unusual ideas about architecture and design.
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The whole world of tiny homes (like those that fit on a trailer) often has unique takes on space and multi-functional furniture. I’ve also seen some cool small apartment projects that use multifunctional walls and Murphy bed type devices to transform spaces throughout the day. Here’s one.
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