Looking for some comedy in NYC October 14-17
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Looking for some good comedy when I visit NYC October 14-17th.

Hi there! My friend and I just booked a little getaway to NYC very soon. October 14-17. I’m trying to find where people see great comedy- stand-up, one-person shows, what have you. Improv is okay but I prefer stand-up. I’ve been to the city many times and I’m very familiar with the Comedy Cellar, Caroline’s, all the real main stream places. To give you an idea, I really wanted to go see Mike Birbiglia’s show but it doesn’t open until the 25th. Bummer.

Where do the locals that like stand-up go? Any good resources for shows and places to go? Are there shows or comedians you recommend? I know the dates are coming up quickly so hopefully there’s a good show or two I can get into. Thank you for the help.
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I’ve heard good things about The Creek and the Cave.
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On Sunday the 14th you will want to go to comedy night at the Knitting Factory in wburg. It's free, it's awesome, the comedians are more up and coming and hungry and occasional big name drop-ins do happen. Hannibal Burress used to host and now that he's hit it big it seems like his friends carry the torch for him. It's really fun and the crowds are always good, way better and younger energy than Comedy Cellar imo.
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Also hate to keep sending you to the boroughs but honestly most of the non-UCB alt comedy is happening in BK and Queens. But consider checking out shows at Union Hall in Park Slope as well - this would could be good: https://www.ticketfly.com/event/1752173-hell-yeah-james-cross-brooklyn/

FWIW Union Hall is where Birbiglia usually works out his material.
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If you like the more indie/chill scene (and Mike Birbiglia makes me think you do...), I'd go to Butterboy or this show, both at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Butterboy often has surprise guests, too, so don't just go based on the published line-up.
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Caveat has Academic Stand-up on the 14th.
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I will be there the 15th-20th, and just got tickets to that Butterboy show. Thanks Charity Garfein and smeater44!
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Thanks for all the great suggestions, everyone. I did hit up the Knitting Factory and it was exactly what I was looking for. Great show. If I’d had more time, I would’ve gone to every possible comedy show. Thanks again!
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