Best ways to use a Kindle Fire to learn English?
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I have the opportunity to carry a Kindle Fire to an English language learner in an African country. He and his siblings range in age from early to late teens. They do have the ability to charge it. WiFi is limited, but they can access it in a local Internet cafe. What are some great ideas for setting up a Kindle Fire for a teen English Language Learner? What books and videos could I download onto it? Any great apps that aren’t entirely internet dependent for ELL? I’m going to install some programs for middle school/high school math and science as well. Any educational programs would be welcome. His oldest sister (post college) speaks fairly good English so she could also help if needed.
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Best answer: I haven't used this, but it's an offline version of Khan Academy from a startup.
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Best answer: I guess it depends on how much attention span they have, but you could load AnkiDroid (the android version of the app, Anki) onto the device, including a standard English shared deck -- like The Anki flashcard app is a very powerful way to learn vocabulary.

There are other decks available ( if you know what language they speak already.
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Response by poster: They speak Wolayta (a regional Ethiopian language) but are trying to learn Amharic (the national language) and English. I'm also trying to find something like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo that can be used offline to load onto to it for English.
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Best answer: Hmm, I found a Wolayta wordlist:, but could not find anything to voice a Wolayta transcription.

The English deck I linked above is basically uni-lingual and all offline -- you are memorizing a picture corresponding to a word.

It looks like there are shared Amharic-English decks for Anki too, with audio. For example,
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