Looking for ANYTHING like Mandy
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What books, movies, music, tv shows, etc, are like Mandy? I just saw this movie and completely loved it.

In particular, I enjoyed:

-The dark, occult, heavy metal atmosphere
-Weird cult stuff with LSD and brainwashing
-The creepy synth soundtrack

But anything that shares the movie's aesthetic or topics is something I'd be interested in.
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Panos Cosmatos also directed Beyond the Black Rainbow (trailer), which also has a great synthy soundtrack, it's slow (which some make as a complaint) but totally worth a watch.
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I think, having seen Mandy, that there's basically nothing quite like it. But if it's weird strange-o cult stuff you're looking for, you might want to check out Mother!.
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Mandy borrows liberally from a ton of movies. I didn’t really care for it but I agree that it all adds up to something pretty unique.

The first two Hellraiser movies have a very dark demonic METAL vibe while containing zero heavy metal music.

If you haven’t seen David Lynch’s Wild at Heart it has another zany Nic Cage performance. Blue Velvet is another clear influence. The bad guy in Mandy reminds me of a somewhat watered down version of the baddies in these films.

And finally, for pure psychedelic, demonic, heavy metal craziness, you should totally check out Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem. It wasn’t very well received when it came out but I think it’s underrated. If you liked Mandy I think you’ll really enjoy it!
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Beyond the Black Rainbow comes to mind, the aesthetic is a little more THX-1138 rather than metal but you might dig it.

On preview -- totally missed the first comment that also recommends this!
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I haven't seen Mandy, but your description makes me think of The Neon Demon.
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Oh, also Argento's Suspiria.
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The Void might be your thing. Synth music, homage to occult and cosmic horror with some great practical effects. I do feel like it spends a little too much time ticking off boxes for genre fans, but there is more to like than dislike. Give it a try.
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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (‘74) for that ......crazy EVIL vibe
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I haven't seen Mandy yet, but second Suspiria. Heavy occult atmosphere, check. Memorably creepy soundtrack, check. Does a witch coven count as a weird cult? Probably, so check.
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Mandy is on its own little island of awesome, so I don't swear by any of these to scratch that itch (or swear that they're "good" movies), and there are probably some blurred lines between the distinctions in the taxonomy below, but here goes:

80s b-movies: Neon Maniacs, Night of the Comet, Chopping Mall, Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Heavy metal movies and/or movies by rock musicians: House of 1000 Corpses, Black Roses, Trick or Treat, Deathgasm, The Gate, Strangeland, Psychomania (also has cult stuff!), Kung Fury (sort of)

Synth-y horror soundtracks: The Lost Boys, basically anything John Carpenter did in the 80s

Revenge and/or home invasion splatterfests: You're Next, High Tension, The Strangers, The Crow

Super-weird art horror: pretty much anything by Dario Argento or Lucio Fulci

Movies with cult stuff or brainwashing: Martha Marcy May Marlene, Red State, Children of the Corn, The Wicker Man*

Also: they tend to lean more horror-comedy than straight horror, but you might want to dip into the Troma films catalog to fill that unhinged gorefest-shaped hole in your life. Good luck!

*Either version of The Wicker Man, really. The first one is a great movie with a great cast, and the second one is a terrible movie but features Nicolas Cage at his most gloriously bonkers, so you really can't lose.
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I haven't seen it, but here's a list of similar sounding movies. https://letterboxd.com/kun/list/atmospheric-slow-boiling-terrors-that-chill/
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