Story in the Kite Runner
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In the Kite Runner, the character Saurabh was named after the hero of an ancient Afghan (or Persian?) story mentioned a few times in the book. What was that story and can I buy an English translation? Or did the author just make that up?
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It's from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh (book of kings). Knowing the tragedy of Sohrab & Rostam prolly helps in critical understanding of the father/son themes in Kite Runner, as in it Rostam unwittingly slays his son Sohrab.

The book I linked isn't the translation (paperback) I have which I like, but I can't find it right now. I'll post later if I can find it. (Oh and here's the e-book of kings)

p.s. it's persian
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The name is typically spelled Sohrab in English (as it is in The Kite Runner).

This blog entry talks more about the Shahnamah, and links to this translation of the story of Sohrab and Rostam.
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Here's the shahnameh online. free! Sohrab's in chapter 8.
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Unfortunately, that's a crappy translation, so abridged as to be almost useless. See my remarks in matteo's excellent Shahnameh thread.
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